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Asked: 4 years ago

If you accidentally defeat a legendary can you get another chance to catch them?

this includes Raikou, Entei, other roaming legendaries and those who fight you on the spot

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I do not think Raiku and Entei but other ones you must beat the elite four like i defeated Mewtwo i did the elite four and he was back there.

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What ZeroParadox said.

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It's easier to not kill them (duh) but if you do accidentally (which i did) turn off your game and go to your last save point. If you are smart, you check your gear before battling them to make sure they are wherever, then save. Always save before important battles. Also, Suicune will not regenerate, so if you have the other version trade the master ball over if you are desperate.

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Depends if its suicune entei or raiku all you have to do is beat the elete 4 and go to where you saw them this works with the birds to only these pokemon

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