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Asked: 4 years ago

Looking for dusk stone?

I know u can this stone in Platunum but where u get in soulsilver looking for dusk stone so i can evolve my misdreavus? And can u get Shiny Stone too?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Then i can not get them becuase I do not have Wi Fi at home so i can not play that part of the game, That not fare.

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You can get them at the Pokealthon Dome for 2,000 points each on Sunday.

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You can find it in the wild. I've explored almost every nook and cranny of this game to find all the rare items. :D

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The Pokeathlon Dome does not require Wi-Fi. You can access it as any part of the game any time after you beat Whitney at the Goldenrod Gym; the building is located to the left when you get to the south entrance to National Park.

(Try the left side counter for non-Wi-Fi events.)

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I found a dusk stone in the cerulean cave..try searching in there.

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