Question from Rucadark

Asked: 4 years ago

Good fire type?

I need a good fire type that isn't legendary or starter. I chose Chikorita.

Additional details - 4 years ago

I cant get a growlithe i have soulsilver!

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From: SheikMaster_1 4 years ago

What about vulpix it can be found on routes 36, 37, and 48 in soulsilver.

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Ok, to me, the greatest Fire type Pokemon you could get are, Magmar, and Growlithe. The reason I think Magmar is good is because it is a really good fire type Pokemon and will help you for a while. The reason I pick Growlithe is because it just downright learns amazing fire type moves. I mean, it could be perfect if you do this. You get it to level 38. By then it should know, Flamethrower Takedown, Fire Fang, and Reversal. When it's level 38 all you gotta do is give it a Fire Stone, and then, when it evolves into Arcanine, at level 39 it learns Extreme Speed! So, I have never even had a Growlithe or Arcanine but I know that it is amazing. So, take Growlithe and follow my instruction.

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Blaziken is the only best fire type for me...but i would suggest you Houndoom for good offensive stats and good speed He/she can be a Massive PowerHouse in your team... hope it helps =]

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Get a Magmar.

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