Question from VictorTalent

Asked: 4 years ago

How to evolve trade-only pokemon without actually trading?

I've heard of a trick where if you put a pokemon that can only evolve via trade in the GTS, you can take it out and it will have evolved. Does anyone know this trick and could they explain it to me?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

From: Acetron_87 4 years ago

Well it does, but for 1 small detail you put it on and ask for some very crazy trade in return, search for another easyer trade like for a lv. 3 Caterpie (make the trade), go and withdraw your deposeted Pokemon it should evolve 1ce bace in your game. I've done it this way in both Diamond and Platinum but not yet in HG.

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I have tried this trick and it never worked for me.

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