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Asked: 2 years ago

How to get ralts?

Hi, i already get national pokedex from oak,
but i cant find Ralts in any routes.
i read in faqs it is swarms pokemon, what is that?

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 2 years ago

Pokemon Swarms happen after you have the National Dex. Certain rare Pokemon, mostly ones from Hoenn and Sinnoh, start appearing in the game on a certain route. The Swarm you get changes every single day. Listen to Professor Oak's radio show each day to see what Pokemon is swarming on which route. Go to that route, and that Pokemon will be everywhere and you can catch as many as you want until the day is over.

Ralts will appear on Route 34, but you'll have to wait for it to swarm. Simply listen to Oak's radio show every day until it happens.

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As Smoke said, Its a swarm pokemon. And also as Smoke said, It's on route 34 when It comes.
I suggest going to Route 34, then listening to his talk show until it comes up. When it does, go crazy in the grass.
It took me FOREVER to get Ralts. But just keep trying.

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