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Answered Questions Answers
How do i delete game and start new one? 2
Where is the move deleter? 2
What is the best team for SS? 11
Where can I find stones(thunderstone, waterstone, firestone, duskstone, shinystone)? 6
Where can I find the Poke Flute to wake up SNORLAX? 6
Where and how do i get EXP.SHARE? 6
Team rocket at golden rod city radio tower? 3
How do I find the gym leader in viridian city? 10
How do I start a new game? 2
All TMs/Hms Action Replay Code? 1
Recent Questions Answers
There is any cheat that can make rayquaza appear in the embedded tower? 2
Can someone trade with me? I want an alakazam and gengar :D 2
If I bought a japanese cartridge and traded a ditto to my English cartridge, would that work for the masuda method? 1
Moves for my umbreon? 0
I didn't receive Pokemon from Kirk? 1
How do I beat Red? 2
Ampharos or Electavire? 1
How do I active the suicune event?already managed to defeat five of the kanto gyms but still didn't appear on route 14 1
How to beat kimono girls? 1
How to beat the elite 4? 3
Unresolved Questions Answers
Where do you find rock smash? 2
Where can I find the HM fly? 6
How do I get the power plant working in kanto? 2
How to get access to Team Rocket in Goldenrod City?? 2
How do you get arceus? 13
How do i battle/catch ho oh? 5
How do I get Leafeon and Glaceon? 1
Where do i find likitung? 7
Where can I find and get to olivine gym leader? 3
Growlithe? 2

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