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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
2 questions about Red? 9
A good team for the last gym? 5
Arceus event? 6
Are R4 cheats diffrint to action replay ???? 9
Are the eliet 4 the same as in silver/gold? 14
Are there any cheats for 99 rare candy bars? 14
Attack Ev training person/area? 4
Beat Red? 1
Best stradedy to beat red? 5
Bugsy is so annoying!!!! Help? 1
Can bayleef learn sleep powder,yawn,sing,etc.? 7
can I get latios and latias? 4
Can I get Palkia and Diaglia in Soulsilver? 2
Can some one tell me where i can find all the gym leader's so i can get there numbers?? 3
Can someone trade and then back with me? 2
Can someone trade me a dratini and possibly a larvatar? 22
Can u rate my team? 11
Can you catch an arcies? 4
Can you get Ho-Ho and Lugia both in this game and how? 2
Can you tell where all of the Kanto gym leaders are? 3
Do you need a kanto badge to catch suicune? 2
Do you think this will become a good team? 2
Entei or Typhlosion? 2
Entei roared me away. Can I find him again? 1
ENtei!? 13
EV training? 3
Gengar or Sneasle? 3
Getting the ecreauteak gym leader to battle? 1
Glitch with roaming Pokemon? 2
Help beat EF johto, and also gym leader kanto? 1
Help with Red? 11
Ho-oH - Does it disappear? 1
Ho-oh? 2
How can I battle the Gym leaders again? 3
How can i defeat Morty? 3
How can I get claire's number? 10
How can you catch a kyogre? 1
How do I beat Aerodactyl? 4
How do I beat Argenta? 1
How do I beat Bugsy? 3
How do I beat Clair? 4
How do I beat gym leader Clair? 2
How do I beat Kimono Girls? 1
How do I beat Lance? 1
How do I beat red? 5
How do I beat the Eliet Four? 11
How do I beat The elite 4 champion? 2
How do I beat The Elite Four the 2nd time? 3
How do I beat the last johto gym? 1
How do I cach raikou? 1
How do I catch certain pokemon? 1
How do I catch Ho-oH? 1
How do I catch latias??/ 2
How do I catch lugia with a pokeball? 10
How do I catch Lugia? 9
How do i defeat Sabrina? 2
How do I defete the first gym leader? 5
How do i fight the kamino girls? 4
How do I find suicune? 6
How do I find the rival for a rematch? 2
How do i find the three legendary birds ? 3
How do I get arceus? 1
How do i get to the 4 gym??? 10
How do I make Lati@s's symbol appear on map? 2
How do I stop the Bad Egg from happening? 4
How do reset pokewalker?i 2
How do you beat the last leader Clair's Kingdra? 4
How do You get action replay???? 1
How do you get the all items cheat??? 1
How do you get to Blaine? 1
How strong is the strongest pokemon in the elite 4? 1
I have a Problem with dark type moves? 2
I need help on how to beat Red? 27
If Entei Flees, does he still randomly appear around Johto? 5
If I transfer an event pokemon (Like lugia) from SS to white, will it appear wild again? 1
Improvement to this team? 2
Is it good ? 5
Is it possible for Raikou or Entei to be glitched? 1
Is it possible to re-fight Lugia? 2
Is Larvitar in this game? 1
Is my team good enough to beat RED THE GREATEST? 1
Is my team the best for battle ? 5
Is there a better way of training for red? 1
Is there any enemys with a cyndaquill? 1
Is there any pokemon that you can catch really early in game if so please list them? 3
Is this a good team for beating Lance and what strategy should I use? 4
Looking for Hidden Towner? 1
Need help catching Entei? 3
Ok how do I catch suicune? 3
Plzzzzzzzzz rate my team for lite4 & red? 1
Pokewalker shiny pokemon? 6
Rate my pokemon 4 Red? 1
Rate my team 4 RED!!!? 1
Rate my team for red??? 4
Red gyarados, second chances? 7
Red strategy in question? 2
Red's Pikachu? 1
Scizzors effectiveness against Red's Pikachu? 1
Should I buy this game?? 16
So, question for after you defeat Red...? 3
Status effect (and how they affect catch rates)? 2
Suicune error? 12
This is only for those who beat RED..??? 19
What are IV and EV? 4
What are the minimum requirements to capture lugia? 1
What are the minimum requirements to catch lugia? 4
What are the types of the E4 trainers??? 1
What do you do when you have finished the game??? 1
What HM i get after beating the gym laeder in Goldenrod city and where to find it ? 2
What is the best place to train for the Pokemon League? 3
What's the best ice pokemon to use against Lance? 16
Whats happened? 1
Whats the best sustainer? 1
When can I catch suicune? 1
When can you start rebattling trainers? 1
Where can i find a charzard or earlier form of charzard? 2
Where can i level up my lapras to Lvl50? 3
Where do i find Lugia After I battle with the Kimino girls? 2
Where do I find my Friend Code?? 4
Where do I train for the fight against Clair? 3
Where does Suicune go after you see him at route 42? 1
Where is bill at? 1
Where is Brock? 1
Where would i find Groundon? 2
Where's Blue? 1
Where??????????????????????????????????? 3
Which legendary pokemons can i get in soulsilver? 2
Which pokemon should I use the master ball on? (Spoilers) 50
Will Red Gyarados' nature be affected by Synchronize? 2
You can tell me to beat all gym leader? 2
Zapdos? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
A few questions about Wurmple? 1
Arceus not working? 8
Are Pokemon Contests in this game? 2
Are there any pokemon you get only from the pokewalker? 1
Bill's grandfather? 4
Bills Grandfather Asked me to Bring a hugley famous pokemon but he said its not a pikachu wat is it? 1
Blue Orb Item? 2
Buena's password timing? 1
Can anyone help me in finding lugia and the kimono girls in the whirl islands? 2
Can I catch Rayquaza with a Kyogre from Sapphire? 4
Can i Ever Face Red Ever again?? 5
Can i get the arceus event code because i missed it? 3
Can someone help me with the Unknown ruins please? 2
Can someone please help an 8 yr old newbie with the Ruins of Alph? 3
Can someone plzzz giv me a movie event arceus?! 2
Can you help me check?????? 3
Cynthiea??? 2
Ditto? 2
Do you still need to collect specific phone numbers to catch pokemon like Marril or Yanma? 5
Does anyone have any tips for the Pennant Capture? 2
Eevee egg? 1
Exclamation Point beside route name on map? 1
Exp pokewalker? 1
Extreme Speed Dratini in Japanese game? 2
Feebas---> Milotic(SoulSilver)? 1
Find dratini or dragonair? 1
Get into Silph CO and Lavender Radio Tower? 1
Groudon? 3
GS ball???? 8
Gym trading???????????? 1
Happiny? 2
Help with Ruins of Alph? 1
HELP! I can't get growndon and i has korgy.Help? 2
How can i activate the arceus event more than once? 5
How can i get a wailmer pail? 1
How can win at bug contest? 1
How do I activate elevator in Silph company? 4
How do I advance the story after Mahogany Gym Battle? 3
How do I breed a Pichu from an egg? I get everything but Pichu, have tried many combinations? 5
How do I do to make the power plant running again in Kanto? 5
How do I evolve Togepi?? 1
How do I evolve vulpix? 5
How do I find 'Karate King' in the dojo in Saffron city? 1
How do I find Giovanni? 4
How do I find Latios? 6
How do i find mew? 1
How do I find the gym leader in viridian city? 10
How do I gain access to the Pokeathlon? 1
How do I get a pickachu that knows surf or fly? 1
How do I get any of the gym leaders phone #'s? 3
How do i get back to the Sinjoh ruins a second time? 2
How do I get Blue's phone number? 1
How do I get misty to the gym? 2
How do I get my Buneary to evolve? 2
How do i get passed (ruins of alph)?? **this may include spoilers** 1
How do I get past the ragecandybar guy? 2
How do I get rid of snorlax? 1
How do i get rid of the tree on route 36? 1
How do I get sinnoh starters? 1
How do I get the safari zone blocks? 1
How do I get through the Ruins of Alph? 1
How do I get to blackthorn city? 2
How do I get to Ecruteak City? 1
How do I get to red? 4
How Do I get to Route 44? 1
How do I get to th embedded tower? 1
How do i get to the grass part in the runis of alpha? 3
How do I get to the left chambers of the Ruins of Alph? 1
How do I get to the Pokemon League? 1
How do I get to yellow forest? 4
How do I navigate through the Ice gym? 1
How do I open the 2 doors with purple designs on them in the ruins of alph? 9
How do I open the two locked doors in the ruins of alph? 2
How do I recieve the Extremespeed Dratini from the Elder? 2
How do i soak the tree pokemon? 3
How do i solve Ho-oh and Omniyte puzzles? 1
How do I solve the light house? 1
How do I solve the unown letter puzzle on the lower left building? 4
How do i trigger the claire/lance tag battle with my rival? 3
How do I unlock the second safarri zone test? 1
How do I.....? 6
How do u get other orb ? 3
How do u get the secretpotion from the pharmacy guy? 1
How do you find Sandshrew in the Safari Zone? 1
How do you get through the guard going to Mt. Silver? 3
How do you trade with freindcodes and theirs no one around? 1
How hard is it to find a larvitar? 35
How i get u.s wi-fi events?and when they start? 2
How make Ditto and Cleffairy give an egg? 1
How many Shining pokemon are there and where can I find them? 6
How many Unknows are there? 2
How many Unowns are there in total in Pokemon SS? 2
How soon can I trigger the Arceus event? 1
I heard that red will call you after you beat him. Is that true? 2
I just found a shiny leaf and I can't find Lyra? 2
I need help on yellow forest? 6
I would love to have these plz? 1
If I put in the day care a dito and a Ho-oh will I have a Ho-oh egg ? 4
If you kill Groundon how does he come back to the embeded tower? 4
Is there a difference between Pokemon Music Radio and PokeFlute Radio? 1
Is this normal? 2
Jasmines gone? 1
Locked House Route 8? 2
Machine Part? 2
Misty's Phone Number? 7 do i get in pallet town?? 2
On my pokewalker.........? 1
Plz help? 1
Pokewalker+egg=hatch? 1
Puzzles in the Ruins of Alph? 2
Ragecandybar? 1
Rare candies and master balls? 2
Re cloning? 6
Rock climb puzzle near safari zone what do i do ? 1
Route 40 Help? 2
Ruins of Alph Fossil Pokemon Puzzles? 1
Safari Zone Block "leveling trick" ? 6
Saymin Sky Forme? 3
Stupid lt surge? 5
Team rocket at golden rod city radio tower? 3
The old lady in the shop in mahogany? 1
Toxic water spout and "STAB('D)" moves? 2
Union Cave? 2
Venusaur and squitle? 4
Voltorb Flip Help? 2
What are the directions for the left chamber in the ruins of the alph? 1
What area in Ruins of Alph can I get the last two remaining Unowns after getting the first 26? 1
What do you do with primo? 1
What does getting all the unknown do? 2
What is in Embedded tower? 2
What is the AR code for Celebi?US 5
What is the best way to catch Raikou?! 1
What is the highest level in Voltorb Flip? 4
What is up with the tower near the Safari Zone? 1
What move/item do I use in the Ruins of Alph? 4
What pokeball works best on suicune and ho-oh? 4
What Pokemon is this? 2
Where can i Get Pokerus?? 6
Where do i find chansey? 1
Where do i go to fight each starter pokemon? 3
Where do I use accesories? 1
Where EXACTLY is the Saffari Zone Warden located? 2
Where is Bugsy exactly in Viridian Forest? 1
Where is he!?! 3
Where is the day care? 5
Where is trainer is in? 3
Where r all the gyms? 2
Where?? 1
Who do I deliver this Pidgey to? 1
Why didn't I see Suicune at Vermillion Harbor? 1
Will someone trade my scyther and/or kadabra and then back? 1
World ribbon? 1

Item Location Help Answers
1iq for the Absol? 6
A theory on growing pearls...? 1
Accessories? 1
All HM Locations? 1
All TMs/Hms Action Replay Code? 1
An American Action Replay code to get a Pikachu colored Pichu? 1
Anyone got a lucky egg or 2 i can have ? 2
Anyone willing to trade me the recent shiny Raikou event for something like deoxys over wi-fi? 4
Apricorn help? 1
Apricorns and pokeballs? 4
AR cheat for blue orb, to obtain kyogre? 6
AR codes for balls? 4
AR Codes for TMs? 4
Battle Castle? 2
Blue orb? 1
Can any1 get me an EV trained Absol? 1
Can i get a Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle without trading on this? 1
Can I get both Ho-Oh and Lugia? Or just one? 2
Can I get gym leader's pokemon? 3
Can i get more than one TM for Shadow Ball or no? 1
Can I just use one block at a time in the safari zone to lvl them up? 1
Can I still wear the rocket suit? 1
Can someone trade me a cyndaquil and/or chickorita? 2
Can you delete accesseories? 2
Can you find multiple Shiny Leaves in the same route? 2
Can you get another Johto starter after you beat the game? 2
Can you get Kyogre as well as Groudon in SoulSilver? 2
Can you still get EXP Share after beating the Elite 4? 3
Cant find steven for Hoenn starters? 1
Do Amulet Coins stack? 1
Do fast balls have a catch rate of 4x on the stationary Suicune? 5
Do I have to reset the Pokegear music after each battle? 1
Do the nuggets have any other purpose other than being sold? 2
Do you get all three cats, birds and Mew Two and Mew? 1
Does This game have any HM slaves? 1
Espeon's psychic moves? I have kinda a problem 2
EV gain items? 2
Fast Ball Help? 1
Fishing Rods? 1
Fossil? 1
Golden Orb? 5
Heart scales? 9
Help find rock climb? 1
Hoenn Sound? 7
How can i catch the legendary dogs???? 1
How can i change deoxys forms? 2
How can i get lucario or riolu? 3
How can I get past the guy in Mahogany Town? 1
How can I get the ? and ! unown? 1
How can I obtain a Lucky Egg? 3
How can i reset my pokewalker? 4
How can I use the data cards from the Pokeathalon? 3
How Do I Attach My PokeWalker To The Little Black Piece That comes With It? 2
How do i get HM cut? 5
How do i get shiny starters? 3
How do i get the bike? 2
How do I get the kanto starters? 2
How do I get the Red Orb? 6
How do I get Torchic,Mudkip,or Treecko from someone at Silph CO.? 1
How do i turn a fossil into a pokemon? 2
How do l get Mamoswine? 1
How do you get Lugia/Ho-oh box paper? 1
How do you get the master ball from the kimono girls? 1
How Do you get the national pokedex in soul silver? 4
How do you grow berries? 4
How do you obtain the plates from the S.S. Aqua Captain? 1
How long does it take for...? 1
How many upgrades are in this game? 1
How to get rare legendaries berry also item? 2
How to get secretpotion? 2
How to ride on a pokemon? 1
How to use safari? 2
I can't obtain the Gracidea Flower. Help? 5
I need help with the stones! (Can anyone help my little girl She is only 8 and feels stuck)? 1
I need some help with catching Latios... Help me? 1
I need the 7 Gym badges plz?? 2
I've been hunting for a trapinch in the safari zone for a month ago but nothing appears? 1
If a Pikachu colored Pichu or Arceus has already activated events can it be used to activate events on another game? 3
If you use fling, can you get the item back? 7
Is Light Ball Equippable to Raichu? 3
Is the explorer's kit in this game? 1
Is there a way to trade items? 3
Is this wifi event jirachi the same as the gamestop jirachi? 1
Itemfinder display? 3
Items in Bug Contest? 1
List of incenses and which pokemon? 1
Looking for the7 Badges in kanto? 1
Master Ball(s!)? 9
Master Ball? 5
Miltank? 2
National park items? 1
Olivine City medicine? 1
Pikachu? 4
Plates and choice band? 1
Poke Walker Question...?? 1
Poke walker?? 1
Pokeballs? 4
Pokemon Held Item Help? 1
Pokewalker trading? 5
Repaer Cloth? 1
Scyther egg-breeding problem? 2
Shiny Leaf Help? 2
Shiny Leaf? 3
Should I buy this game? 4
This is about a lost HM move? 3
Touchscreen? 1
Trading Shards for weather TMs? 1
Tyrogue? 1
Using the Seal Case? 2
Waking up Snorlax? 4
What am I supposed to do with the RageCandyBar? 2
What is a good item for my Pokemon to hold? 2
What is Slowpoketail? 1
What is the action replay code for the enigma stone event? 1
What is the red orb for? 1
What is this??? 1
What item acts like the move "endure"? 1
What The Hell?! 2
What tms or hms can unown learn? 1
What was the Pokewalker Jacket for (How do you get it?)? 1
What/ where are the shiny leaves? 1
Whea question about the flowers? 2
When dose Yanma Swarm? 2
When You Buy The Soulsilver Game What is The Little Round Black Piece For? 3
Where and how do i get EXP.SHARE? 6
Where and/or when can I revive fossils? 1
Where can I buy ether/max ether , elixer/max elixer? 2
Where can I find (itemfinder)? 3
Where can I find (rainbow wing)? 3
Where can I find a banette? 1
Where can I find a Charmander?? 1
Where can I find a few spare evoulion stones? 2
Where can I find a fire stone? 1
Where can I find a fortress to trade to steven? 4
Where can I find a Heart Scale? 1
Where can I find a LEAF STONE? 1
Where can I find a Macho Brace? 1
Where can I find a moon stone?? 2
Where can I find a shiny stone ? 1
Where can I find a Shiny Stone before the Johto elite four? 3
Where can I find a thunderstone? 1
Where can I find all of the Power items? 2
Where can I find any of the fossils? 1
Where can I find apicote shacker? 1
Where can I find ball capsules? 4
Where can I find Berries? 1
Where can I find berry pots? 1
Where can I find Chansey with lucky egg? 2
Where can I find chansey? 1
Where can I find chinchou? 1
Where can I find darkria(if you can)? 1
Where can I find deepseatooth? 1
Where can I find Ditto? 2
Where can I find Dusk Stone? 1
Where can I find exp share ? 1
Where can I find Flash Cannon? 1
Where can I find focus blast? 2
Where can i find leftovers in pokemon soul silver? 1
Where can I find Magmar? 2
Where can I find Mewtwo? 4
Where can I find oran berries? 1
Where can I find Pikachu, Pichu, Torchic, and/or Squirtle??? 2
Where can I find pokemon fossils ? 3
Where can I find pokerader? 1
Where can I find Ralts? 1
Where can I find Razor Claw? 1
Where can I find rock smash and rock climb? 6
Where can I find Shiny Stone? 3
Where can I find sqirt bottle? 1
Where can i find stones in this game? 2
Where can I find stones(thunderstone, waterstone, firestone, duskstone, shinystone)? 6
Where can I find super rod? 3
Where can I find Surf? 1
Where can I find the all the ledendaries? 1
Where can I find the battle frontier? 1
Where can I find the breeders? 1
Where can I find the dubious disk? 2
Where can I find the electirizer? 1
Where can I find the flash TM? 2
Where can I find the flower shop? 1
Where can I find the HM Whirlpool? 1
Where can I find the HMs Rock Climb and Waterfall??? 2
Where can I find the jade orb?! 1
Where can I find the Magnet train pass? 1
Where can I find the move tutor? 1
Where can I find the name rater? 1
Where can I find the pc on soul silver? 1
Where can I find the pokeflute? 1
Where can I find the pokemon flute? 2
Where can I find the protector? 1
Where can i find the Red Scale and were do i get Exp Share? 2
Where can I find the secretpotion? 1
Where can I find the Silver Bell? 1
Where can I find the silver wing? 1
Where can I find the Sinnoh starter pokemon? 1
Where can I find the stolen part of the generator in the power plant? 1
Where can I find the sun stone?? 4
Where Can i find the tm Brick Break? 1
Where can I find the TM endeavor? 1
Where can I find the TM for Stone Edge? 2
Where can I find the TM for Water Pulse(03)? 2
Where can I find the TM or HM that allows you to scale rocks? 2
Where can I find the toxic orb? 1
Where can I find TM for dragon claw? 2
Where can I find/buy fertilizer? 1
Where can I find/buy timer ball? 7
Where can I found metal coat? 2
Where can I get Giga Impact TM? 2
Where do i Bring the Special Arceus and Pichu i got from platinum? 2
Where do I find a Heart Scale? 2
Where do i find rock smash? 2
Where Do I Find The Good Rod? 2
Where do I get a Seal Case? 1
Where do I take my shaymin to get the gracidea flower? 1
Where in the big wide hell should i find an OLD AMBER? 2
Where is the move deleter? 2
Where is the new location for moltres? 3
Which Area Customizer Do I Use To Find Sandshrew? 2
Which color Apricorn should I use for this pokeball? 1
Which Hoenn beginner should I choose? 3
Which power item? 3
Why cant I find dig tm? 1
Why isn't my Apicot plant growing? 1
Wich pokemon use dawn stones? 2
Will the badges effect pokemon obedience? 2
Yellow forrest? 2

Level Help Answers
A good party for the Elite four? (mainly Lance) 12
A little help? 1
After You beat Janine in Kanto, Where do you go? 3
Beat 7 gyms and can't do the Team Rocket radio tower quest. Did I miss something? 3
Bell tower? 2
Best moves for an EXEGGUTOR (LV 19) ? 1
Best three pokemon for Jumping in the pokealthon dome? 1
Can you breed a mudkip with ice fang or ice punch or avalanche? 1
Catch pokemon? 1
Claire's request? 1
Do there is 16 badges? 1
Does anyone have a Pokerus infected Pokemon I can have? 3
Elite 4 dex? 2
EV Sharing? 1
Gastly/Haunter/Gengar? 8
Head map? 1
Help with hurdle dash timing? 1
Help?! 2
How do I catch Lugia??? 3
How do I find Lugia and the elite four? 3
How do I find the missing gym leader in Viridian? 1
How do I get a lucario? 5
How do I get into the top of the Radio Tower? 1
How do I get past the guy at the radio tower? 1
How do I get past the Slopoke Well?? 1
How do I get past the snorlax by diglet's cave? 4
How do I get past the Snorlax? 1
How do I get past the wiggling "tree"? 1
How do I get past Whirl Island? 8
How do I get past whirlpool islands? 1
How do I get rock smash? 2
How do i get snorlax to move so i can move on to pewter city in kanto? 3
How do I get the items to get lugia and ho ho? 1
How do I get to Azalea Town? 2
How do I get to Blackthorn? 1
How do I get to Lugia? 3
How do i get to pallet town, viridian city, pewter city, ect.? 3
How do I get to the battle frontier? 2
How do I get to The Third Chamber? 1
How do I open the friendship room? 1
How do i talk to the olvine gym leader? 2
How do unlock the "Beyond the Sea" Pokewalker course? 4
How do you make a pokemon "happy"? 6
How do you open the doors with purple? 1
How many times can I do arceus event? 1
I just got the 16th badge... now what? 3
In hwich building in Ecrutec city are the kimono girls and can I beat them without having the 8 badges of Johto ? 2
Is it possible to breed a growlithe to know Extremespeed? 1
Is the Global trade center in this game? 2
Islands? 2
Level grind. HELP! (?) 2
Man Block? 3
My Quilava evolved at 14...? 4
Ninjask/Shedinja? 2
Old moves? 1
Please rate my team ? ^_^ 1
Possible bug after beating Mahogany Gym...? 2
Raikou and sleep? 2
Razor leaf? 1
Stuck? 1
This is about Pal Park? 2
Trade Evolutions? 3
Unable to complete Dragon's Den (Get to Shrine)? 1
What do I do After I beat Clair ? 2
What level does dragonair evolve? 1
What ruin near 1st badge battle? 4
When does Kadabra learn moves? 1
Where can i catch smeargle? 1
Where do i go in kanto? 1
Where do i go???? 3
Where in the safari zone can i catch smeargle? 1
Where is a good place to grind lvls 20 and up? 1
Where is Mt. Morter? 1
Where is Shojo ruins? 3
Where is the most STRONGEST place to train Lv. 60-70's? 12
Where is Yellow Forest? 2
Which levels? 1
Whirl Island? 2
Yellow Forest? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
3 Dogs halp ??? 11
?..can you guys Somehow tell me how did you catch Entei/Latios? and what pokeball did you use? 9
Ability change? 3
Altaria or Flygon? 1
Anti-Red Team Advice please? 3
Are EVs affected by the level of the pokemon you get them from? 2
Battle Fronteir!!!!! Can someone PLEASE HELP????? 3
Best move set for typhlosion and megium? 2
Bredding?? 2
Breeding advice? 1
Breeding? 1
Camouflage? 1
Can a female Pokemon pass on moves with a Ditto? 4
Can all 12 3rd evolution starters learn their corresponding "Ultimate move"?? 3
Can i catch a bagon in the game and how? 6
Can I change the internal clock in my DS forward to make days pass in the Safari Zone? 2
Can i have more than one pokemon on the pokewalker? 6
Can I put a my starter pokemon in the pokewalker then start a new game and have 2 diffrent starter pokemon? 9
Can i raise 1 pokemon only to complete the story? 1
Can somebody please trade me a celebi????? 1
Can someone help me with my team? 1
Can Someone Help With My Bronzong's Moveset? 1
Can u rate my future team ? 4
can u rate my team on how to defeat the Elite 4?(mainly Karen) 1
Can you guys rate my team? 1
Can you rate and help me with my team my team? 3
Can you rate my team for RED? 1
Can you switch pokemon and still get ev points? 1
Charizard help? 1
Competitive team help? 2
Do I have to beat the E4 before acually being in kanto? 2
Do Pokemon I battle online appear in my Pokedex? 1
Do types cancel each other out? 1
Do your pokemon gain experience in the Pokewalker? 2
Does 10 defense or 10 special defense matter? 2
Does a pokemon keep it's EV's when traded? 1
Does anyone know if Exp. Share gives Pkmn EVs when it levels up? 1
Does leveling up affect Ev training? 1
Does the Metronome item boost the power of the move Metronome? 1
Dominant Stats? 1
Draco Meteor? 3
Easy Shinines? 1
Effort Value? 1
Ev question? 2
EV Training Question~? 1
Ev training?? 1
EVd Stats Colored?? 2
Evolve or learn moves? 3
Evolving By Happiness ? By Day and Night ? 1
Extremespeed Dratini? 2
Final Team Rating? 2
Four good pokemon to team up with my Typhlosion? 1
Friendship, Trust, Happiness? 2
Good fire type? 4
Good ice type? 3
Help me breed my evee!? 3
Help WIth LT.Surge? 4
High level EV training? 1
How can I evolve my Rhydon 2 Rhyperior? 1
How do i evolve my slowbro? 2
How does the pokewalker effect EVs? 2
How does togekiss learn aura sphere? 1
How is my team?? 1
How is this team? 1
How long should I level a Pokemon using EXP share? 2
How many (poke)balls on average? 2
How much does a nature affect stats? 1
How to catch Groudon? 1
How's my team? 3
Hustle ability? 1
I cant find suicune!?! 2
I need a good water type, ideas? 2
I need help? 2
I need one good pokemon? 3
I need recomendations for my pokemon team ? 3
I need teambuilding help? 1
I need to know how to trade a pokemon from platnium too ss? plz help meh 2
I need to know which is a good flying type!? 3
I need wall help ?? 3
Ice Fang? 1
Ideas for a good team? 3
If i evolve Scyther into Scizor, will his Speed stat go down? 1
if i faint sudowoodo,snorlax and ALL legendaries will they be back after i defeat the elite 4? 2
If I walk a 1000 steps on my walker and my pokemon lvls up in 500 exp; then did those other steps i took mean nothing? 2
If you trade an egg is the one you trade it to considered the original trainer? 1
Infernape? 3
Is it possible to relearn a move that was missed due to pokewalker? 1
Is Night Shade a good overall attack? 2
Is the RNG the same in HGSS? 1
Is there a trainer that has a chikorita? 2
Is there an Outrage Tutor? 1
Is this a good team? 4
Is this team good enough for poke legue? 1
Is this true about friendship? 2
Kadabra trade? 1
King's rock/razor fang flinch? 1
Leveling differecnces? 1
Looking for a Pokesav'er?? 2
Lugia? 3
Main team? 2
Maximum Friendliness? 1
Mouse team? 3
Move set for these pokemon? 2
My Pokemon Team - need help please? 3
Nature? 1
Need three good pokemon for my team? 4
Need two more good pokemon? 1
New New New Team! And plz Rate? 4
Palkia or Dialga? 5
Pikachu Coloured pichu? 3
Poke-walker Posibility? 2
Pokeathlon stats? 1
Pokewalker Happiness? 2
Pokewalker help?? 2
Pokewalker lvl up? 1
Pre-National Poke'dex? 1
Produce togepi egg? 4
Rate and Fix My Team? 2
Rate my battle frointeer teams? 2
Rate my Battle Tower and Battle Castle team? 1
Rate my bug team plz? 3
Rate my Honchkrow? 2
Rate my pokemon?! 1
Rate my team for Battle Tower? 1
Rate my team for the battle tower. can someone plz help??? 2
Rate my team for the E4 rematch AND red? 1
Rate my team plz? 1
Rate my team so far plz? 1
Rate my top 2 pokemon? 2
Rate Team? 1
Rate this team!? 1
Rotom? 1
Shedinja? 1
Should I teach my croconaw surf??? 1
Should I use Skarmory or Snorlax as the 6th party member? 1
Soulsilver breeding with power items and ditto? 1
Special Attack? 2
Substituite+Volt tackle=No damage taken? 2
Swinub or Gible? 2
Team suggestions for improvement? 1
This has the lamest pokemon and can you give me one more pokemon? 1
Tracking Entei and Raikou? Controlling their natures? 10
Trick room team- rate/fix? 1
Umbreon or Espeon? 2
Umbreon? 3
Volt tackle? 1
What and where are the moves to keep pokemon in battle? 1
What are the best pokemon to catch in the begining of the game? 4
What do the Red glowing areas mean? 2
What exactly does "goes up/down (insert number) stages" mean? 2
What is a good move set for the following? 2
What is a good move sett for a Noctowl in the Battle Hall? 1
What is a great team? 4
What is he best way 2 train low level okemon when u r far in the game? 1
What is the AR code for max TM's and HM's? 2
What is the best ball for the Legendary Dogs? 1
What is the best move sett for Pachirisu? 4
What is the best move setting for Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam and Ferraligator? 1
What is the best move setting for Buizel? 2
What is the best move setting for my Spikey Eared Pichu? 2
What is the best moveset for a Gengar? 1
What is the best moveset for my Scyther and Lanturn? 1
What is the best non starter or non legendary water Pokemon? 17
What is the best partner? 1
What is the best strategy for a team? 2
What is the best strategy for beating the Dark Type Gym???? 2
What is the best strategy for capturing ho-oh? 3
What is the best strategy for getting shiny pokemon? 3
What is the best strategy for rhyperior? 2
What is the best strategy for winning the bug catching contest? 1
What is the best team for SS? 11
What is the best way to find shiny pokemon in the wild? 3
What is the best way to train Umbreon? 1
What is the Difference between SP ATK/DEF and reg ATK/DEF? 1
What Level will Typlosionlearn bite or Crunch? 2
What other Pokemon can learn? 1
What pokemon is a good HM Slave for my team? 2
What Pokemon would balance the team I have so far? 2
What should be my starting line-up for pokemon crystal? 1
What should i teach it? 1
What should i teach my suicune? 2
What status ailment works best for catching Lugia? 1
What Type is weak against Dragon-Types? 1
What would be a good choice against an evd life orb gengar? 1
What's the best pokemon for the bug contest? 3
When do the times change? 1
When do you get strength? 1
When is the best time to evolve a kadrabra to alakazam? 1
Where can I earn a lot of money before fighting Clair and her gym? 1
where can i find A Glalie? 1
Where can i find a shinx? 1
Where do i train my pokemon? 1
Where Is A Good Place To Train My Pokemon ? 2
Where is suicune? 2
Where is the best place in Johto to hatch eggs? 1
Where is the best place to train a Weavile Lv. 54? 1
Where is the best place to train my team? (Around lvl 30) 1
Where is the move tutor? 2
Which are the better starter? 2
Which is the the best starter pokemon to choose ? 2
Which Pokemon do I need to battle to EV train for each stat? 1
Which starter pokemon? 1
Which starter to choose? 5
Which team is the most sextastic? 2
Who is better? 2
Who is the first trainer with a Teddiursa in SS? 1
Why can't I get my Meditite to learn any of its egg moves? 1
Why does the game hate me? 2
Will a shiny Pokemon be shiny when it evolves? 2

Technical Help Answers
AR codes? Any Good ones at all? 2
Can HG/SS trade with Diamond and Pearl via WiFi? 2
Can someone give me a list of Happiness measures? 1
Can you store an infinite number of phone number sin the pokegear? 1
Can't connect to Wi-fi? 2
Hack gone wrong?! 2
Hacked pokemon? 2
Hacking? 1
Help me please and soon? 5
Help With codes? 3
Help with trading? 1
How do I activate the Pokewalker for use with the Japanese version of Soul Silver? 1
How do i delete game and start new one? 2
How do I save my game? 2
How do I start a new game? 2
How do i??? 1
How do you change the time in game? 1
How do you transfer pokemon from pokemon ruby into this game? 1
How to get ralts? 2
I can't belive my failure? 2
I changed the date ahead by one day, turn it back and now time events aren't working? 2
I finally found my Soul Silver. (?)) 1
I lost my pokewalker and i have a two but when i want to go for a stroll it says this is not the assigned pokewalker ? 1
I was playing around with my DS clock (and time based events are screwed)...? 1
If you go over 255 EVs in one stat does it get rid of a slot in the total 510? 2
Is it possible? 1
Is there a pokewalker glitch? 2
Is there a way to connect to wifi...? 3
Is there a way to correct the in game clock? 2
Is there any way to trade from my Game Boy Sp to my DS? 2
Just curious, are Friend codes universal? 1
Map for kanto? 1
Must I reset my pokewalker as I start a new game? 1
My ninetails isn't gaining EVs? 3
No pokemon move in battle why is that? 1
Original DS? 1
Pal Park won't migrate? 2
PalPad Problem? 2
Playing the game too long causing problems? 2
Poke'walker Problems? 2
Pokemon from flashcard games are legit? 2
PokeWalker Help? 2
Pokewalker route problem? 2
Pokewalker won't accept pokemon? 5
Replacement Pokewalker help? 1
Reseting poke walker? 1
Resetting the Hall of Fame? 1
Rocket grunt in gym? 1
Sinnoh pokedex? 1
Soo, it's daylight savings... how do i reset the time on my Pokewalker? 1
Spiky pichu? 2
Trading between games, (GB to GBA to DS)? 4
Trading from FireRed to SoulSilver? 1
Transfer? 1
Uhm weird glitch w/ yellow forest pokewalker...? 1
Unlockable Pokewalker Routes? 2
What are Courses? 3
What happens if i turn off the power while saving? 2
What is the AR code for a working PokeRus infection? 6
What pokemon can learn Earthquake? 1
What time is i can find hoot hoot? 1
Why can't I turn the blocks? 2
Why does my Action Replay not work? 4
Why does the game keep freezing when I open pokegear? 5
Why does the game keep telling me 86420 WITH firewall off? 1
Why does the game keep telling me i can't get online? 2
Why won't this work? 1
Will the game automatically save after the Elite 4? 2

Other Help Answers
(Does anyone have a shiny rayquaza they can trade to me?) 1
12th Movie Arceus? 2
3 Pokemon ??????? 3
?Three questions 1
A + B + Down concept. Does it work? 6
A few Action Replay Codes...? 3
A printable National Pokedex? 4
About migrate from Emerald Version? 1
About Mirage to Black & White? 1
About pump up move? 1
About Rotom's alternate forms? 1
About support moves? 1
Action Replay cheats? 1
Action Replay code for Event Celebi? 2
Advice on whether to restart game or not? 1
Am I just guessing? 1
Anyone please can trade me a WIN20011 Celebi? 1
Anyone want my evee? 2
Anyone want to trade a metagross? i'll make a GREAT trade.? 1
Anything else to do...? 1
Ar Code? 1
AR codes? 9
AR help? 1
AR Pokemon Modifier problem? 1
Arceus please.? 2
Archeus? 3
Are Dialga and Palkia in the game? 3
Are there events? 4
Are there other trainers in the game with....? 1
Are Togepi, Evee, Tyrogue, Dratini the only Pokemon given to you by NPCs? 5
Are you suppost to get a card exspansion when you beat Red? 1
Around what level dose Carmeleon evolve into Charizard? 1
Bad new everyone about the pokewalker? 1
Bagon? 1
Battle Frontier Records? 1
Battle me? 1
Battle Moi? 1
Battling Friends In Viridian City? 1
Best Normal Move? 1
Best Sp. Def EV training spot? 1
Best way to hatch shinies? 2
Bill grandfather problem puzzle? 1
Blackthorn City Move Tutors House? 1
Breed Eevee? 4
Breeding Earthquake? 1
Breeding qwestion? 1
Breeding shinies? 2
Buena's Password? 1
But why Larvitar? 2
Can anybody give me a map of the Dark Cave? 1
Can anybody help make this sence please? 1
Can anyone give their friend code? 2
Can anyone trade me a Jirachi and Celebi? 1
Can Anyone Trade Me A Riolu? 3
Can anyone trade me any of the regis or arceus? 2
Can beldum breed? 1
Can cresselia or heatran be bred? 1
Can i borrow a event pichu? 1
Can I catch a Dratini or Dragonair with a good rod? 1
can I catch Ho-ho??? 3
Can I Double Battle with a friend over Wifi? 2
Can I get Celebi? Plz list all the rare pokemon that you know about in Soul Silver. 3
Can i get running shoes in soul silver? 1
Can i get the incense baby pokemon with out their respective incenses? 1
Can i go underground in this game? 1
Can i have friend codes? 3
Can I trade from a GBA to a DS? 1
Can I trade people to get pokemons that's no on my Pokedex? 1
Can I trade Pokemon from my Diamond to Soul Silver game? 9
can i trade pokemons from black/white to SS/HG? 1
Can i trade some Pokemon without National Dex? 1
Can I use Diamond/Pearl pokemon before getting the National Dex? 3
Can jirachi grant wishes? 1
Can Kurt make a master ball?? 8
Can somene pls help me? 1
Can someone give friendcodes and reguraly play with me? 1
Can someone help please? I need someone to trade me pokemon eggs or level 1 pokemon 1
Can someone help, mySoul Silver isn't working with Action Replay? 14
Can someone tell me where to get a level 50 pokemon that can use hypnosis? 1
Can someone trade me a charmander, and squirtel? 1
Can someone trade me a Jirachi? 1
Can Someone Trade Me A Pokemon?? 1
Can someone trade me a Shaymin, Darkrai, or Latais please? 1
Can someone trade me an arceus? i'll gladly trade any lv 100 pokemon i have for it 1
Can someone trade me Torchic? 1
Can spiky eared pichu evolve? 16
Can the Japanese version of HG/SS link (trade, battle, co-op in frontier) with the American version of HG/SS? 2
Can the pokemon Beedrill learn anything that puts the other pokemon to sleep? 2
Can the Yellow Forest be replayed over and over again? 1
Can totodile only learn aqua tail if you evolve it? 1
Can YOU Answer below? 2
Can you breed a Kangaskhan? In that case, what do you get? 1
Can you breed a pikachu that knows fly so that the pichu would too? 6
Can you catch Ho-oh in anyway on soul silver? 3
Can you catch Kyogre in soul silver? 1
Can you connect soulsilver to battle revolution for wii? 2
Can you evolve Togetic into Togekiss before you unlock the National Dex? 3
Can you find a vs seekeer? 1
Can you get kanto Starter charmander In Game? 2
Can you get palika,dialga,or garentina? 3
Can you get sinnoh pokemon? 1
Can you get sinnoh starter pokemon? 1
Can you get turtwig, chimchar, or piplup in this game? 4
Can you only choose one from Prof. Oak's pokemon now? 1
Can you rebattle Red? 3
Can you trade from original Red/Blue to SS? 1
Can you trade frome leaf green to soul silver ? 2
Can you trade with D/P/Pl in the beginning of Pokemon HGSS? 7
Can't Use Fly in Kanto. WHY? 3
Can't use pokegear radio? 1
Can/and were can i find a lucario?????????????? 1
Catch rate help? 2
Chaining? 1
Cheat @ pokemon soulsilver? 1
Chickorita? 1
Cinnibar Island Gym? 2
Cloning Pokemon? 2
Cloning? 1
Codes? 3
Could Shaymin Skyform Be Traded Between Games? 1
Did a Shiny Pokemon will get Shiny Egg? 1
Different Color? 2
Different pokemon? 1
Ditto and Eevee problems. Help? 1
Do all copyies of SS and HG come with the pokewalker or only pre orders etc? 1
Do Gold/Silver have different Pokemon in the Pokewalker? 1
Do i need to have both kyorge and groudon in my party to get the green orb? 2
Do Raikou and Entei come back if I defeat them? 2
Do the 2 pokemon u put in daycare have to be around the same level to make an egg? 5
Do you see Stephen(the guy who told you about latios) again after you get latios? 3
Do you still need to trade gastlys second form to get haunter? 1
Does a trade pokemon get more of a boost while holding lucky egg? 1
Does an a hacked Gamestop Pichu? 5
Does any body have any water type starters up for trade? *new* 1
Does anybody want free pokemon or items? 1
does anyone have a AR code for charmander ? 1
Does anyone need ar codes i have them for most legendairys ? 8
Does anyone want an Epic Abra? 1
Does breeding result in the lowest form? 3
does pokemon send to GTS saved to the save file? 3
Does someone have a shiny pichu I can trade for? 1
Does the machop you can trade for in Goldenrod always have guts as its ability? 1
Does your starter pokemon walk behind you? 2
Dratini breeding problem? 1
Eevee? 1
Egg from Mr. Pokemon? 2
Egg hatching? 2
Egg Question: At what point is an unhatched pokemon's nature set? 2
Emerald Version to Soul Silver Version? 1
Entei or Raikou? 1
Event pokemon, pokewalker route? 1
Events???? 1
Every legendery Pokemon? 1
Evolution and stats? 1
Evolving Feebas to Milotic for SoulSilver and HeartGold? 5
Evs done at level 36? Also IV w/ Hidden Power 1
Fast BP (Battle Points) ? 2
Find pokemon and evolve? 2
Finding Houndour? 1
Fly and Surf pikachu yellow forest help? 1
Flyachu???? 2
Foreing Pokemon? 1
Found an Odd house at the north end of Lake of Rage how do I get there? 1
Friend Code ? 1
Gallade? 2
Garchomp Moveset? 1
Getting LickyLicky? 2
Giratina origin forme? 3
Golden Forest? 1
Groudon trade for Kyogre? 1
Groudon???? 2
Has Shuckle's berry juice making ability been restored? 9
Having a problem with the lighthouse!! anybody know about it? 1
Haze? 1
HeartGold and SoulSilver price? 1
Help catch mewtwo please? 1
Help finding Marill? 2
HELP ME ! My Golbat ?? 1
Help on Red?! 1
Help on the Elite Four? 4
Help please? 2
Help with Arceus code? 3
Help with board? 1
Help with the Arceus Event? 2
Help?!! 1
Help??????????????????????????????????? 1
Helpz plz dogs catching??? 2
Hi, im getting the game this friday, and have a question about the pokewalker? 3
Hm Waterfall? 2
Hoenn and Sinoh? 1
Hoenn Starters? 2
How big is it? 1
how can I breed to get togepi? 1
How can i catch entei? 3
How can I change a name of a pokemon? 1
How can I earn more coins at the game corner? 3
HOW can i get arceus? 1
HOW can i get EEVEE? 3
HOW can i get mewtwo? 1
HOW can i get my eevee to evolve to leafeon? 3
HOW can i get pineco to evolve ? 1
How can I get pokemon from an old saved game to a new one? 1
How can i make my eevee evolve into leafeon or glaceon? 2
How can i put my own Country on SS/HG? 1
How can you tell if your pokemon has maximum happyness ? 2
How do i battle the blackthorn city gym leader? 1
How do i battle/catch Lugia? 1
How do I catch Goldeen? 2
How do i catch pikachu? (Soul Silver) 3
How do i catch pineco? 2
How do I catch Riolu? 2
How do I catch these two legendary pokemon? 1
How do I clone pokemon? 1
How do i evolve togetic into its evolution??? 4
How do i find the last topic i posted in the trade board for pokemon hg? 1
How do I get "mom" to quit buying "useful" items for me? 2
HOW do i get a beldum? 1
How do I get a French Pikachu? 2
How do i get a my pokemon to play with each other in the day care and have an egg? 11
How do I get a pokemon to learn wish? 1
How do I get a steel coat to evolve my onyx? 1
How do I get all 26 unknows? 2
How do I get at the top of the radio tower in lavender town? 1
How do i get Beldum Baby Egg? 1
How do I get blocks for the safari zone? 6
How do i get Bugsys number? 1
How do i get celebi and mew? 2
How do i get celebi? 4
How do i get Feebas in this version? 1
How Do I get Ho-oh in ss? 4
How do I get it??? 1
How do i get karma? 1
How do i get Kyogre, Groudon, and Raquaza on rout 47? 1
How do I get Lt. Surge phone number? 9
How do I get my Dragonair to trust me? 2
How do i get my flaaffy to evolve into ampharos? 1
How do i get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? 4
How do i get Rayquaza with Jolly nature ? 2
How do i get the extremespeed dratini from the dragons den? 1
How do i get the hoenn starters? 4
How do I get these Tms? 1
How do i get through ilex Forest? 3
How do I get to Jasmine? 2
How do i get to the "purple doors"? 2
how do i Get to the bug catching show ? 1
How do i lvl up m gamefaqs acount? 2
How do i obtain victini? 2
How do i raise my Pokemon's Happiness to max? 1
How do i teach my umbreon "curse"? 3
How do I upload my game save? 1
how do I use cheats? 1
How do Sunkern evolve? 1
How do they find a CPU's nature and EVs/IVs? 1
How do u find electabuzz in the grass in route 10? 2
How do u get another/more eevee(s) ? 3
How do u get past this guy in kanto? 1
How do u join team rocket on soul silver? 4
How Do You Catch A Scyther? 1
How do you check the stats of a pokemon? 2
How do you evolve Magneton? 2
How do you get a primer ball? 5
How do you get Ho-oh? 1
How do you get Lapras? 3
How do you get scyther to evolve? 1
How do you get Skarmory? 1
How do you get through Bell Tower? 1
How do you get to Blackthorn City? 3
How do you get to Pewter,Viridian city and Pallet town and,Cinnabar Island? 1
How do you go to Mt.Moon from Cerulean City? 1
How do you import pokemon from GBA games using pal park? 1
How do you know if a pokemon is on a high friendship level? 1
How do you put pokemon on the pokewalker? 1
How do you reset the pokewalker that comes with pokemon heart gold and soul silver? 4
How do you the pedometer? 2
How do you unlock the underground path through Lavander and Caldon city? 2
How does Dratini evolve? 1
How does Ledyba Evolve? 2
How does nincada evolve to shedinja? 1
How does swords dance increase the power of leafblade? 1
How does..? 1
How i seen Feebas in Soul Silver Version? 1
How is mystery gift unlocked? 6
How long does it take to breed an egg? 1
How many badges? region question also O-o 15
How many elite fours are there? 2
How many pokemons are there in total on this game? 1
How many times can Lugia and other legendary pokemon respawn after beating the E4? 1
How many times do you have to beat red and the eliet four? 1
How rare are the Pikachus w/ SURF, FLY, VOLT TACKLE in Yellow Forest? 2
How to evolve trade-only pokemon without actually trading? 2
How to get the Hoenn/kanto starter? 1
How to get to Shinto Ruins? 3
How to make eggs hatch faster? 2
How to restart? 1
How to trade? 1
How's my team typing? 1
I can't have a rematch with the gym leaders?! 2
I defeated Red but NO Copper trainer card? 1
I did it once, but why can't I do it again? 1
I dont have WI-FI signal at my house? 1
I got two ? 1
I have a firered GBA game and i tried to transfer through pal park and it won,t let me can anyone help me? 1
I have all three win2011 shiny dogs is there an event for them? 1
I just need help with soul silver and HeartGold Pokewalker?e your own question) 2
I need a cyndaquil(male) and torchic(female)? 1
I need a flying type. Aanybody got one? 1
I need event arceus willing to trade a shiny one for it? 1
I need HELP about the Pokewalker? 4
I need help finding a good place to level up? 1
I need help with the lighthouse. anyone? 2
I need help with the pal pad?? 3
I need one last pokemon? 2
I need someon to answer my questions about trading and and about the gts and its requirements? 1
I need to find a Pokemon? 1
I need to trade my haunter and kadabra with someone so they evolove?? 1
I Really Want Shaymin But I Dont Know Where To Find It. Help? 3
I saw online that you can get a shiney charizard can anyone help me? 1
I visited All the routes needed to find suicune? 1
I want to retrain my level 100 snorlax for EV training? 1
I want to trade-evolve two of my Pokemon... HELP? 1
I'm confused?????? 1
I'm missing a move? 1
If i breed a shiny pokemon with a non-shiny pokemon... wat are the chances of getting a shiny? 2
If i cancel magic guard what will happen? 1
If i trade manaphy egg to another game will i be stuck will the nature? 1
If I transfer my Pidgeot in Platinum, and if I were to transfer it back to SS, will the moves be less effective? 1
If i use rare candy on my pokemon will it evs be effected? 1
If the legendary dogs escape from a battle, can I find the again? 1
If you kill Red Gyarados, will it come back? 10
in 2 days is my birthday so, if someone has an shiny (EVENT)pichu, can u trade it to me?? pretty plzz.... 1
In the old silver game you could copy pokemon can you do that in this one? 1
Individual values...? 1
Internal Battery? 1
Is anyone willing to give me a female Buneary? 2
Is dharaky a real pokemon? 1
is it better to get all of a pokemon's EVs before it levels up? 1
Is it possible ? 1
Is it possible to actually finish a route? 1
Is it possible to delete a Pokemon? 3
Is it possible to do a trade without sending your own pokemon over, like when someone is offering a "freebie"? 4
Is it possible to have all gym leaders in the fighting dojo? 1
Is my team can beat red? 1
Is my team good enough to beat Red? 6
Is Rotom breedable? 1
Is savely??? 2
Is team good for battling Red? 1
Is the Snorlax east to Vermilion City always a male? 1
Is their a method of catching a shiny pokemon? 2
Is there a AR code for the Celebi event that they are giving out in Japan right now? 2
Is there a daycare in Kanto? Will they rebuild the burned tower? 2
Is there a GTS in SS/HG? 1
Is there a place were i get Dynamic punch? or did it get replaced by Focus punch? 1
Is there a secret base or villa in Heart Gold or Soul Silver? 3
Is there a way to get Shaymin's Sky Forme? 1
Is there a way to tell if a pokemon is legit? 3
Is there an AR Code for Pokemon Modifier? 4
Is there an easier way to get coins? 2
Is there another internet? 2
Is there any way around the time requirement for the Safari Zone? 2
Is there anyway to get back a TM after you've used it on a pokemon? 1
Is there anywhere I can catch an Umbreon? 1
Is there going to be an action replay code for yellow forest? 9
Is there Hoenn and/or Sinnoh region as an extension on this game? 7
Is there possible to fight Steven or Cynthia in Soul Silver version? 1
Is this because CHEAT???!! 1
Is this game battle compatible with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? 1
Is this team good? 1
Kanto starter pokemon? 1
Kanto starters? 1
Kanto? 4
Kimono Girls are Gone? 1
Language error??? 1
Lapras? 2
Larvitar help? 2
Last time rate? 1
Legendary Egg? 2
Legendary Path? 1
Level? 1
Lickylicky? 1
Lighthouse? 1
Looks like I'm missing a few items - glitch? 1
Lord Lugia's Base Stats? 1
Lucario? 1
Lugia or Ho-oh? 2
Macho brace and exp share help? 3
Magmortar? 1
Making the Game Harder? 1
Manaphy? 2
Map of Whirl Islands? 5
May i have friend codes? 5
Meeting legendary pokemon in pokewalker ? 3
Meteorites on route3 do i do any thing with them? 1
Missed Evolution? 2
Misty's number? 1
Moveset for lugia? 1
Mr. pokemon wont give me the orb!?! 1
My Cyndaquil reached Lvl 14 and it started to evolve, but then it stopped. What happened? 1
My pokemon fainted in a nuzlocke while I was level grinding? 1
My pokemon soul silver is a glitch game. explanation? 1
Mysterious transmission? 1
National pokedex? 1
Need help finding a pokemon? 1
Need help finding Seedot? 1
Need help with the masuda method? 1
Need help!! ASAP!! (bill's grandpa?) 1
Need more leftovers well here is a hint? 1
Next place? 2
Ok how do i...? 1
Opening new PokeWalker areas? 1
Other Starters??? 1
Phone call for the Radio tower? 1
Phone call? 1
Please help me nickname my starter? 2
Poke-Flute Music? 2
Pokeathelon? 1
Pokemon followers? 2
Pokemon Interaction Items? 2
Pokemon list? 2
Pokemon nuzlocke dupesclause rules? 1
Pokemon Soul Silver rom overworld graphics problem? 1
Pokemon Soul Silver? 5
Pokemon symbols? 1
Pokerus? 2
Pokewalker - Can you nickname them? 1
Pokewalker Country difference? 1
Pokewalker examinasion? 1
Pokewalker exclamations? 2
Pokewalker paths? 1
Pokewalker Shinies? 1
Pokewalker Sounds? 1
PokeWalker Watts. If you use on the PW do they take away from the total that unlocks new routes? 2
Pokewalker? 2
Porygon 2 or porygon z? 1
Possible to get Lugia again after trading? 1
Questins? 4
Question about Friend Codes and DS's? 1
Question regarding specific day-waiting in Safari Zone? 1
Question? 1
Raiko and the others ? 1
Raikou? 1
Random question? 2
Rare Candy help? 1
Rate my best team? 2
Rate my Ninetales? 1
Rate my team please:)? 1
Rate my team please? 1
Rate my team so far? 1
Rate my team? 1
Rate the team I am planning on having? 1
Regarding the Safari Zone Blocks? 1
Regis? 2
Required steps for Pokewalker? 1
Rhydon from Brock? 1
Rotom's alternate forms in HS/SS? 3
Route 23? 2
Ruins of Alph? 2
Safari Zone areas? 2
Safari Zone Mud Question? 1
Safari Zone Timeline? 1
Safari zone? 2
SEE i battle red and i one but then i bet the game but now i dont no where he is? 1
Sentret and Pidgey having an egg? 1
Sevii Islands? 1
Shaking pokeballs in combat mode? 1
Shinies? 1
Shiny legendary? 2
Shiny Pichu? 2
Should I evolve or learn moves? 2
Should I get Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver when it comes out in the United States? 4
Should I get this version? 3
should I...? 2
Slakoth??? 1
Snorlax? 1
Soft reset ? 1
Solrock? 1
Some pokemon wont evolve... how do i evolve them? 1
Sorry about all the question rate my Lugia and Ho-oh? 1
Spiky Eared Pichu? 3
Start of safari days? 1
Starter gets boosted EXP ?? 2
Starter Pokemon Pokewalker Question? 1
Strange Radio Waves? 1
Suggestions for my team? 1
Suicunes Locations? 4
Swarms? 1
Syncronize help? 1
Th fashion case? 1
The house at route 26? 2
The Pokewalker? 1
This about FireRed and Green & the Pokewalker? 2
This or Hg? 2
Tis is about the new game Pokemon Silver and pokemon Firered ? 2
TOTALLY UNRELATED- What is Karma in Gamefaqs? 1
Tradeing to Soul Silver? 1
Trading question? 1
Trick Room? 2
Um...? Help? 1
Umbreon egg? 1
Umm... How? 1
Unown? 1
Using Heavy Balls vs Using Ultra Balls? 1
Using Safari Zone blocks? 1
Viridian Gym Leader Blue's Number? 3
Vulpix and ninetails? 1
Wanna trade? 1
Wanted : Adamant Scizor, technician, maxed evs and with bullet punch for anything you want? 1
Wat are two more pokemon that should be in my team? 1
Waterfall? 2
Were do i battle/catch Groudon and kyogre? 6
Were is gts? 1
What are all of eevee's evolved forms? 1
What are all the legendary Pokemons that you can catch? 5
What are some ar codes? 4
What are STAB Moves? 2
What are the new pokemon in soulsilver? 1
What are the version exclusive pokemon? 5
What determines Pokeathlon stats natural increase and decrease? 1
What do I do after I Beat Red? 2
What do I do after I get 5 Kanto Badges? 2
What do i do after you get to alph ruins and unlocked the mystery word? 4
What do i do next after i defeated the first 5 gyms in kanto? 2
What do you need to do to get your trainer card up? 1
What does Chlorophyll do? 1
What does the shrine in ilex forest do? 1
What ever happened to the Third Johto Starter? 1
What happens after you beat the kimono girls? 1
What Happens? 2
What is a 'French Pikachu'? 1
What is Action Replay code for 999 battle points (u.s.)? 1
What is breeding? 2
What is considered an attack or special attack? 2
What is cyndaquils moves? 1
What is ev training? 1
What is on top of Mt. Mortar? 1
What is the ar cod for arcrus? 1
What is the best place to train Lv. 40's? 11
What is the broken radio in the cave behind the tohjo falls for? 1
What is the different berween Focus Sash and Focus Band? 1
What is the Pikachu colored Pichu for? 2
What is the secret code for primo ? 1
What is the water circle in mt. moon for? 1
What is your current team? 1
What is...? 1
What item ?Where can i find it? 1
What kind of ball should i use on Raikou? 5
What legendaries are available in this game? 2
What legendary pokemon can follow me? 1
What level does a graveler usually evolve? Is there an evolution guide for this? 4
What level does magnamite evolve? 3
What level? 1
What lv. does pupitar evolve? 1
What Lv. does Shieldon and Duskull evolve? 1
What moves does Flygon have in the movie he's in? 1
What moves does vaporeon learn as it levels up? 2
what next???I NEED HELP!!!!!!! 2
What pokemon can learn false swipe? 4
What pokemon should I catch?!? 2
What should i do now? 1
what town is bad egg NOT IN? 1
What type is steel effective against? 1
What type of pokeball should I use on Raikou??? 1
What's an Action Replay code for ONE exp share? 1
What's with the little red face to the right of my Pokemon in their Summary? 1
whats the AR code for all pokemon can learn every tm/hm? 1
Whats up with the miltank in olivine? 1
When are eggs gender set? 2
When can I change pokemons from platinum version to this? 1
when can I use the Poke walker? 2
When can you use the Pokewalker? 1
When do swarms start showing up? 1
when does Clampearl evolve? 1
When does Clefable learn metronome? 2
When is the celebi event? 1
When is the next event? (Besides the Yellow Forest...) 3
When Is The Release Date!? 3
When should I make my pokemon evolve? 1
When will my Nidorino evolve into Nidoking? 4
When will the crew be done so i can go to cinnabar island? 1
When you are supposed to get an egg from the guy at the store why does he say my party is full? 2
When you evolve a Shiny pokemon does it become unshiny? 1
When/How do you activate the Pokewalker? 2
Where are all the apricorns? 1
Where are the seven people of the week? 1
Where can I catch an Eevee? 1
Where can I catch these Pokemon? 1
Where can i find a male vulpix? 1
Where can i find a trainer with a weavile? 1
where can i find dragon Pokemon?,Thanks to those who'll answer 3
Where can i find Heat Scale? 1
Where can I find or get a deoxis and trapinch? 2
Where can I Find Pinsir ? 3
Where can I find Snorunt and/or Trapinch? 1
Where can I find Suwekun? 2
Where can i find the move relearner ? 2
Where can I found ryhorn? 1
Where can i get a save file for this in English? 1
Where can I get a sooth bell? 2
Where can i get Shard? 1
Where can i insert the AR codes in my SS? 1
Where can i see a picture of kyogre? 2
Where can I train my level 66 Lugia? 2
Where can i train my lvl 62 feraligator? 1
Where can i? 1
Where can you catch a Grimer? 1
Where can you find Red? Please someone help me!!!!!! 1
Where can you find rock climb? 1
Where do i find ditto in route 47? 1
Where do I find Heracross? 1
Where do I find him???? 1
Where do I find MOLTRES? 3
Where do I find the Lugia? 1
Where do I find the master of the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City? 1
Where do I find the Move Tutor that's NOT in Blackthorn City? 1
Where do i find those chicks named after the days? 2
Where do I find Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon? 1
where do i get Scyther ? 3
Where do I get the three legendary birds? 2
Where do i get the tm o move rocks? 1
Where do you find Ho-Oh? 1
Where do you find Seedot? 1
Where do you get kyogre? 1
Where do you get the rainbow feather...or wutevr it is? 1
Where I can get the Viridian Gym phone number? 1
Where is Falkner? 1
Where is kurt the pokeball maker? 1
Where is Lugia??? 1
Where is Mew Two? 2
Where is mr. pokemon located ? 4
Where is primo ? 1
Where is the best area to train a lvl20-30 Larvitar??? 1
Where is the best place to train a LV. 26 Charmelon?? 1
Where is the icepath? 2
Where is the Pal Park? 1
Where is the Trophy Garden? 1
Where Is Treainer Red? ( ASH ) 1
Where is Zapdos? 1
Where or how do you get to battle the last gym leader? 1
Where to find Ditto? 1
Where to train? 3
Where would i find Minun and Pluse? 1
Where/What is palpad? 1
Where? 1
Where?????????????????????????????????? 1
Which Espeon would you have for Battle Tower? 1
Which is the best starter? 1
Which island? 1
Which legendaries can you get? 2
Which one? 2
Which pokemon are in the pokewalker? 1
Which pokemon is better? 2
Which room in the pokemon center do you use to trade in? 1
Who beat the game all The way? 1
Who has Arceus? 2
Who in my team would be a better leader for the battle tower? 1
Who is it? 2
Who should I Masterball? 2
Who took the last starter Pokemon? 3
Who wants to trade legendary for bulbasaur? 2
Whoops rate again? 1
Why 3 Legendary "Dogs"? 5
Why and what day lake of rage stop raining again? 1
Why aren't vitamins working? 1
Why can't Totodile evolve? 2
Why did Lugia can't enter in some places? 1
Why do the pokemon ball icons move? 2
Why do you own this!!!!!!!!!? 3
Why don't Daisy's massages work for me? 2
Why Is My Arbok Deliriously Happy? 1
Why isn't Blaine in his gym? 2
Why my Empoleon can't learn Hydro Cannon? 1
Why won't eevee evolve? 1
Will entei come back ? 1
Will i be able to get a second masterball? 11
Will restarting get rid of downloadable routes? 1
Will someone trade me a kyogre? in return ill trade shiny arceus 1
Will there be a Event where you get Celebi and the Sniny Beasts in Europe/USA? 3
Will there be a remake of crystal? 1
Will there be a remake of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald? 3
Will they remack Crystal to?? 2
Wonder Card Pokemon? 1
Wondering? 1
Would somone be willing to trade me a Rotom to my soul silver?? 1
Would you please help me out? 1
Would you rate my team so far? 7
Wynaut? 2
Yellow forest AR-codes? 1
Zigzagoon/Linoone? 3

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