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How do I get past Kolima Forest or Village?

I've just done the Port story quest where Briggs tells me to go and find Tret in the Kolima Forest, however leaving there, I went to Sana town w/e called, but the gate lock, so I decided to back track into the Kolima Junction but I think I need Crush Psynergy I think, however I am stuck where to go now, someone tell me where to go?

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yingchenluo answered:

Go directly north from Port Rago. There will be a town. You must pass though this town to reach Kolima for the first time. Hint: check the wells in that town.
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Metocles answered:

You don't need Crush just yet, and if you're speaking of Crush, then you probably already know about the wells in the town. Just use some of the psynergy that you already have to get across gaps in there and you should be good.
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mkspre25 answered:

Well, technically you need to go through the dream tree to get crush. For that you need to speak with a woman in one of the trees and say you came to help.
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