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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
According to the guide? 1
After alchemy well-ish? 1
After beating the game? 3
After Himi joins me...? 1
Berai temple? 1
Can I do anything with the ringed scent in Teppe Ruins? 1
child where I have to give the gift of the grandmother? 1
Does anyone know how to get the mercury djinn from the teppe ruins? 2
Harappa Basement Boulder ? 1
Help after Kaocho? 1
How can I get to the area it mentions after you beat the game? 4
How do I enter the heart of Kolima Forest? 1
How do I get into Castle Belinsk? 1
How do I get the chests on the bottom floor of Crossbone Isle? 2
How do I get the morgal map? 1
How do I get to vortex in ourobouros? 2
How do i open the door on the burning island cave? 4
How do I solve the flower tiles puzzle in Konpa Ruins? 4
How do I solve the goat puzzle in the craggy peak ruins? 3
How do I solve Yamata Ruins/Next story plot? 3
How do I solve Yamata Ruins? 1
How do you get the mars djinn in Champa Camp? 1
I cant find out where to get te apollo lens and i have the 5 pieces of umbra gear what now? 3
I have to do with the third eye? 1
In Craggy Peaks, in the cauldron door, how do you open the chest that blocks the lions mouth? 1
In craggy peaks,inside one of the doors theres a platform and i can't get it to turn with grip? 1
Is it possible to backtrack late in the game and acquire all of the Djinn? 5
Is it possible to go back and get the djinn underneath kolima village? 2
Konpa Ruins? 1
NEED HELP ASAP!!!!! Is there more than 5 Umbra Gear? 2
Purpose of the moveable piller in storyteller's house, harun village? 1
The Remaining 2 Orbs, i have the blue I find the Others? 1
Where are the points of no return? 3
Where is the guy you deliver the grandma's gift to? 1
Who is Himi? 1
Who is this Tag along man from Yamata? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Are there any Class changing items? 2
Are there HP and PP recovery items? 3
Bensilsk Djinn? 1
Can you still make psychic circlet from mithril silver? 2
Can you use Dream Leaf anywhere else? 1
Clerics ring? 1
Crafting List? 2
Dijinn help? 2
Djinn - Brick? 2
Does any enemy drop orichalum? 1
Does equipping 4 cursed items do anything special? 2
Duplicating Items? 1
Gift to Child? 1
How can I improve drop rates? 2
How do I become able to use the Third Eye item to progress through the shiny spots? 3
How do i get the djinn inside the Ourobos? 2
How do I get the mercury djinn in Belinsk ? 1
How do I get the rusty sword? 1
How do i SHOOT fireballs? 1
how do you get Hyper Boots in Dark Dawn? 2
How to get items forged? 2
I missed Chill. Is there any way of getting him now? (SPOILERS) 1
I Need help forging items? 1
Increase capacity ? 1
Is it in anyway possible...? 2
Is the Sol Blade int this game? 1
Is there a way to use cursed items without the negative side effects? 2
Is there an item similar to lure cap that increases item drops? 1
Is there any way to control what Obaba forges? 7
Kikuichimonji weapon? 5
Leveling up armor? 1
Mastering weapons, second question? 6
Missed Sun Saga 1? 1
Stat boosting item values? 1
Weapon Mastery? 1
What are all the Forgeable Materials? 2
What are the strongest weapons for each char and how to get them? 3
What does Brigg's Key do? 1
What does the Prophet's Hat do? 1
What is the echo gem for? 1
What's up with the mastering of weapons? 1
When can I begin using forgeable materials? 5
Where can I find (SOLAR TALE or fabula solar)? 1
Where can i find gears? 1
Where can I find Lachesis' Rule? 1
Where can I find last two umbra gear? 6
Where can I find more Mist Potions? 1
Where can I find more than one Cleric's Ring? 2
Where can I find Orihalcon aside from the cave in Champa? 3
Where can I find the echo stone? 1
Where can I find the flute? 1
Where can I find the psynergy crush? 3
Where can I find the Sol Blade? 6
Where can I find the Trainer's Whip? 1
Where can I find Tisiphone edge? 5
Where can I find Venus? 1
Where can I find zodiac wand? 1
Where do you find forgable items? 1
Where is the exact location of Old Mace? 1
Which forgeable items are worth getting? 2
Who do you give the old womans gift to? 1

Other Help Answers
"Sun Saga" Books sprites? 2
A 2nd game? 1
A few short questions? 2
Apollo Sanctum grinding? 2
Apollo Sanctum jupiter emblem? 1
Are level growth pre-determined? 6
Are the summoning tablets essential for this game? 1
Are there any penalties for party death? 1
Are there classes like in the first 2 games? 3
Are we able to transfer our Clear Data File from Golden Sun: The Lost Age into Golden Sun: Dark Dawn? 3
Beat the game, now what? 2
Belinsk Town-Anyone been in room requiring slap psynergy? Spoilers 1
Best grinding area? 1
Border Town Growth? 1
Can I get back to the cabin? 1
Can we rename the characters in this one too? 2
Can you name all the playable characters? 4
Can't get the elemental star encyclopedia entry ? 2
Clear data? 1
Cursed Items? 2
Djinni Flee? 1
Do you need to have all of the encyclopedia entries? 1
Does Attack directly affect strength with psynergy? 1
Does the Battle Arena from the first two come back? 2
Dullahan? 7
Elemental star entry? 1
Felix? 1
Fighting the djinn? 1
Front row leveling? 2
Ghost Ship? 2
Grand Gaia? 1
GS2 Characters? 1
Has anyone made a World Map yet? 2
How do I get the Venus Djinn in Kaocho? 1
How do you read peoples minds? 2
How does Attack power effect the power of Psynergy moves? 3
How long does it take for Obaba to forge you something? 1
How many Save Games can you have? 3
How to get 5 orihalcons in 4 hours? 1
How to get the excalibur in golden sun 3? 1
How to go back to the tower? 1
Im missing 2 enties how do i get them? 1
Is (character) cursed? 2
Is a stylus (touch screen) needed to direct psynergy on the field? 1
Is the Scoop psynergy available? 1
Is there a way to go back to Passaj after you get off on Craggy Peak? 2
Is there any way of returning to Matthew's home? 1
Is there Battle mode? 1
Is this game worth buying? 1
Is this worth getting? 1
Learn new psynergy? 1
Lower Sea Levels? 2
Max Level? 2
No going back? 1
Please share with me your save file? 2
Possible to get the missable djinn after beating the game? 2
Quality Zol? 1
Reveal? 1
Sizzle? 2
So... is this game as long and complicated as the first 2? 1
Some questions? 1
Star magician? 1
Sun Saga Books? 1
The third mercury djinn? 2
Walkthrough? 4
Warriors of vale? 1
Were to buy? 1
What happened to Felix after the Golden Sun? 1
What happened to Vault, Apojii Islands, Ankohl Ruins, Lemuria,etc.? 6
What happens after the credits? 1
What multiplayer features does this game have? 1
What sort of DS do we need to play the game? 1
What's wrong? 1
When is Golden Sun: Dark Dawn actually going to be released? 3
Where I find dark Matter and Orihalcon? 1
Where is The Djinni Ivy? 1
Where is the Foam Djinni? 3
Where is the sol blade used? 3
Which class is better? 1
Why is it earth? 1
Why is the game difficulty so easy? 3

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