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Are there any uses for Dropping Fossils?

I've gotten quite a few Dropping Fossils and KL-33N says someone might want them. Does that mean anything? Does anybody know what Dropping Fossils are for?

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vivosaur answered:

Dropping fossils are useless unless you give them to Nick Nack. When you give him 30 dropping fossils, he will give you a mask. Wear it, and he will battle you. Once you give Nick Nack 30 dropping fossils, he won't take any more. After battling Nick Nack, just discard any dropping fossils.
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Azn_Playah answered:

Nick Nack collects them and gives you rewards (mostly fossils/gems) for specific amounts like 5, 10, 20, etc. He's in the left side of the hotel, 2nd floor, 1st room.
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AyeRoflol answered:

Give em to Nick Nack! - He gives rare fossils that could contain rubies which are worth 10000!
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HALO_3_LORD answered:

Nick nack gives things for them about every ten fossils.
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ThunderAce85 answered:

Wat r dropping fossils ?
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tytyman0171272 answered:

Nick nack for every 5 fossils
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bigbadsam answered:

You can give 10 dropping fossils to Nick Nack give him 30 dropping fossils and then you can not give him any more.Dropping fossils are 1 cent.
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SuzieJoeBob answered:

Give them to Nick Nack in the hotel, up the left door/elevator. He is the first door you pass/see.
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