Question from ThunderAce85

How do i beat Duna?

I hve a Patchy, a V-Raptor, an Elasmo, an Alectro, and a Nychus

dinolover1522 asked for clarification:

i need help
ive used shanshan and spinax and coatulos and ive beaten one dinomaton and duna but not the other dino maton I NEED HELP WITH DUNa


superdom4 answered:

I use f raptor s raptor and spinax
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playplayj answered:

I used Venator , Alectro , and Spinax
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tubby171 answered:

heres and idea TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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eddythegerbal55 answered:

i used S-Raptor, Ventor and Spinax
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lop4000 answered:

Its very easy just use all air and do you how team skills if no go to pirate ship and find a room then get a team with all air.
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pampperin answered:

use Spinax ventar and Metria well thats just me because my spinax is 400! :D
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