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How do I find the Moles secret tunnel?

I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find it. Is it in Rivet Ravine? Do you have you have to dig to find it? If so, where do you have to dig?

natu1234 provided additional details:

I keep folowing the instructions but I don't se any ladder. I beat the 3 brains in Guhnash and have 1 oasis in the desert. Do I need to do anything else? Do you have to dig to find the ladder?


FossilFighter76 answered:

First go to Rivet Ravine. Now go to the mine. You will see 3 different tunnels in front of you. Go in the one on the far right. Once you get inside, keep going right until you run into a two way intersection, and go up. Keep going until you find a wall. Go left until you find a ladder go down the ladder and then you are in his tunnel. I wish i could tell you how to find mole's brother both times but it's WAY too much. I'll post another one for it.
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FossilFighter76 answered:

How to find Mole's brother 1 and 2. Go left, then you will be in tunnel 2. Go left until a 3 way intersection. You will see an O sign and an X sign, go down the O tunnel and it will start you at the beginning of tunnel 2. Go down O again then go down X. Now you will be in tunnel 3. Keep going left until you see a treasure chest, DO NOT OPEN IT! Pass by the chest 3 times and KABLAMO your in tunnel 4 and there you find his brother. 2 TIME. Go down X then X then O. When you get to the chests read the plaque. Open the chests in the note order and then go left, do that 3 times, and KABLAMO, you are in tunnel 4 where mole's brother is, NOTE, FOR 2ND TIME WEAR THE MASK YOU GOT FROM THE FIRST TIME.
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pampperin answered:

Ok first go to the far right then keep following the one way places then youll be abon a 3 way path take the top one the go left then youll see a later!
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