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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best team to beat saurhead's 5 battles?

Everytime i battle Saurhead for his mask the first four are easy but when it gets to the fifth battle i lose everytime. Help!

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The team I used was Frigisaurus, Compo, and Guan.
Frigisaurus- beat the three bb members at bb base. This fight was easy, but the dog confuses...a lot.
Compo, 200 donation points each.
Guan- The volcano. Pieces are kinda easy to get, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

A quick way to level is goto Richards house and fight the brains for a quick 15 points.

Because Compo will equalize T-Rex's attack, he shouldn't kill any of your guys in one hit, so your next turn Frigisaurus will...should kill both Guan and the other guy with one AoE attack. I was never in danger of losing.

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Get Guhnashes three brains lol.Go to Dr. Diggins in the room where the teleport machine is there should be another machine. Talk to diggins and hell ask you to get three parts. one from Nevada in digadigmid one from wool beard and one from king Dynal in the star ship. bring the parts to diggins and hell let u use the machine(By the way its a time machine)you will rebattle Guhnash and when you beat him you get his three brains.

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Reviewman Mr_Mason_person you are both eeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvil ok that is all hobbo.

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I'm not sure, but I don't think frigisaurus or the three brains are available in this part of the game yet..

Anyways, I used Compso and Futabi in my SZ, and S-Raptor in my AZ. Compso should keep the enemy's attacks suppressed and open for attack, while futabi can pummel opponents from the SZ and S-Raptor from the AZ. Hope that helps. :)

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I just used S-Raptor V-Raptor and a Spinax all at level 12 it is not that hard.

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Proboly U raptor at the three first battles with spinax and coatalas

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My advice is to take the strongest of each type of vivosaur and put them on your team use vivosaurs that have advantages onhis to make the battles easier this is how I won. hope all goes well good luck!

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