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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get dynal duna and raptin?

I want them.

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well I have tried all most every thing u can get dynal by beating him after the time machine side quest.

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Do you mean how do you beat Dynal to get them or you don't know how to get them at all?

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it ain't hard! after u finished the game. talk to Dr. Diggins. he willgive u a quest to make a machine for him, do what he says and when u r finished go to dynal.
u need to be dynal but he is almost unbeatable!! (i luckily made it) altough. if u made it, u only get dynal!
there IS a way to get duna and raptin too, even b4 dynal! just get all 100 fossil heads (the 1st 100 vivosaurs in ur browse thingy) then u will get a mask. dinomaton duna and raptin!

put dinomaton in the AZ and duna and raptin in the SZ and count on ur luck while fighting him!

hope it helps!

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Where i said be dynal i ment beat.

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Drolob is almost all right but you have to defeat Dynal ONE MORE TIME after defeating him in the Time Machine Quest.

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