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Where can I find the old man? 0
Who is squid and what are his relatives? 0
Anyone Knows where to find this Mask? 3
Easy way to get "new" fossils/fossils I don't have? 1
How can i find the arms and body of t-rex? 4
How can i get money faster? 4
How can I get the T-Rex??? 1
How do i get dynal duna and raptin? 4
How do i get this attack? 3
How do you find the abominal snow monster? 1
I keep finding sucho arms and legs where can i find his head? 2
Tricera fossils were isit? 4
Whare do i find vivisoures 5/38/and79? 2
What are all the masks and how do you obtain them? 3
What are all the masks used for? 1
Where can I find (Electromite)? 3
Where can I find a angato head? 2
Where can I find a breme head? 2
Where can I find a goyo head!!!!!!!!? 7
Where can I find Deinonychus Fossil Parts? 3
Where can I find Fossil Chip 2? 2
Where can I find Mihu and Paki heads? 3
Where can I find nychus and lexo parts? 1
Where can I find Paki Head? 1
Where can I find Perso? 2
Where can I find S-Raptor and Amargo? 3
Where can I find the fifth idol in bottoms up bay? 1
Where can I find the fourth idol to save Rosie? 2
Where can I find the masks? 6
Where can I find the Moles? 2
Where can I find the parchment desert? 3
Where can i find the purple t-rex? 5
Where can I find the rest of the amargo parts? 5
Where can i find the sandil fossil? 1
Where can I find the t- rex head in the parchment desert? 2
Where can I Shanshan arms, legs, and body? 3
Where Do I find a Tarbo Head? 3
Where do you find the fossils of a tarbosaurus? 5
Where in Mt.Lavaflow is the guan? 2
Where is Aopteryx??? 5
Where is Guan's Body? 4
Where is Laurance in parchment desert after you buy the 2nd oasis seed? 2
Where is t rex? 2
Where to find Stygi fossils? 4

Other Help Answers
Pdf of vivosaur chart from guide? 0
Any cheats on how 2 get post game rosie to continue loveing u? 3
Any cheats without AR?!?!? 1
Anybody have a complete Vivosaur List? 3
Anything to do after you get all 114 vivosaurs? 3
Are T-Rex Good in Battle? 6
Are there any codes for for this game???!!! And how do you use them?! 2
Are there AR codes for this??? 1
Can anyone give me a list of team moves? 1
Can someone post a save file with all vivosaures for this game? 1
Can you get him? 1
Can you get to rank 8? 2
Cant find anything in desert? 2
Does anyone know where i can find compso fossils? 2
Does the upgrated hamer do more damage to fossils than the regular hamer? 2
Help ME? 1
Help me?Please! 1
How can i find mole's secret tunnel or how can i find moles secret tunnel? 3
How close to female? 1
How do i beat dynaly to get dynal? 4
How do I beat Sniffles post game? 1
How do i find a Cerato? 1
How do I get Duna and Raptin's Dino Medals????? 1
How do I unlock Duna and Raptin? 2
How do you board the Dinaurian's starship with Zoe? 2
HOW do you get max FP? 1
How do you get through secret tunnel 3 in rivet ravine? 3
How good is tarbosaurus in batle? 1
I can't beat the bb trio after the game? 3
I need a good water team or and good vivosaurs for support? 3
Im having trouble understanding the time machine? 1
Is this a good team? 5
Random Question? 1
Sould i buy this game? 2
U guys know this games game id? (action replay) thnx 3
Were is dynal i can`t find her for the time machine? 5
What are all the masks?! 1
What part of rivet ravine do you get sucho because i just found his arms and legs? 2
What the code for all area? 2
When do you actually complete the storyline? 3
Wher do I get composo? 3
Where can I find mole's sercret tunnel in tunnel #4? 2
Where do I find the fossil number 23,27,67,72,75,and 100? 6
Where is the idol fragment in bottomsup bay? 2
you get trapped, theres a wall with letters on it, highlighted it says DIG where am I supposed to dig, what do I do? 3

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