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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I cast the Revelio charm?

I am on book 2 in the charms classroom and I can cast the Revelio charm but it does'nt work when I cast it & what am I doing wrong

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The game is a bit temperamental about the pattern of the spells. Make sure to hold your stylus straight, and try not to
drag the stylus onto the screen. I found that if you goof up the first little bit of the spell, especially this one, it does not

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When a green mist appears around you
walk around until the character is outlined in green
tap your character
trace the shape as pricisely as possible
scribble the "spotlight-thingy"
TAAAA-DAAAH you've cast the revielo spell

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Heyy :)
i had to sign up to this site cus i was totally excited about sharing my new found knowledge xD
after about 5 hours of jabbing, slashing, poking, prodding, scribbling and anything else you can think of, I finally found what the problem was.
Basically, you're probly doing everything right, you just have to turn off the Virtual D-Pad.
I was pretty pissed when I realised xD
Hope that helped

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You just press your stylus on the screen.
Press on the part where you cast the spell.

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how do you turn off the virtual D-pad???

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