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Where can I find water magic?

Where to find water magic?

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rikku5566 answered:

In the 2nd town u got to forget the name its the desert one. what u d there is wait till its night time and go into the palace and where that one guy guards some entrance will be gone and just go form there down some stairs and u will b in a mini dungeon that has some decent weapon and the water tome u need.
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CaptainMarin answered:

You can also buy a whole bunch of antartic wind in the desert town( sorry for grammar)
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RipePineapples answered:

Go to the desert city at night and go to the castle and go to the second floor in one of the side rooms and go through the door that was previously blocked by guards. Walk around in the bottom area (go through the door in the room you just got to) till you find it, just follow the paths. there are quite a few chests in there and one will contain the water tome.
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