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Eight hidden items in Horne (First town)?

What are the locations of the 8 hidden 'treasures' in Horne as referenced by the person in the house in the North East corner of town. I've only been able to find 6.

Gwydeon provided additional details:

1. MC's House: Potion
2. Brown "bridge" left of MC's House: Potion
3. Middle of the field, left of Storage Shop: Potion
4. Home left of Storage Shop, 2nd Floor: Dragon Wings
5. In the field right of the main entrance: Potion
6. Top of the Inn: Torch
7. House just right of the entrance: Dragon Wings
8. Second screen ( with the sheep ), right of the tower: Potion

I think that's all.

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By _chaotikz_ <- Thank you, answering my own question with your help :)

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