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Item Location Help Answers
-Bringer's? 1
98% Treasures, all hidden and dungeon chests found -what else? 4
Best alternate to Elementalist Robe? 3
Buying Items? 3
Claustrum? 1
Does using a gauntlet with an elemental weapon give you 2 elements? 2
Eight hidden items in Horne (First town)? 1
Enhancing crown levels? 2
Enhancing crowns? 2
Extra Diamond Info? 1
Fortune Egg? 2
How do i get ribbons? 3
How do i get the proper shield and the proper cape? 2
How do I pick up items/gems? 1
Items re-spawn in the four Towers? 1
Lightbringer/Lucifer stealing/steals or just general Lightbringer questions and for nesesity a ? 1
Missed items? 4
Money? 2
Re-enhancing Crowns? 2
Rekoteh's cat? 1
What are the weapons you can get in the trial bonus tower, (tower 1)? 1
What is the last crown? 1
Where Are The Areas That Monsters Drop Certain Gems? 1
Where can I find (mysterio)? 1
Where can I find (needles wepons)? 1
Where can I find (Topaz Gems)? 3
Where can I find (Wind Dagger)? 1
Where can I find Aerora/Aeroga? 1
Where can I find emeralds right before rolan's soul? 1
Where can I find in Liberte after defearing Leavithian? 2
Where can I find Leafga? 1
Where can I find lux spell ? 3
Where can I find more Diamonds? 1
Where can I find mythril? 1
Where can I find Sage robe? 2
Where can I find the Claustrum? 2
Where can I find the Flare Tome? 1
Where can I find the Gale Gauntlet? 2
Where can I find topaz gems in spelvia? 1
Where can I find water magic? 3
Where can you find Sapphires...? 2
Wireless armor? 1

Other Help Answers
Action Replay codes for Multiplayer points? (EUR) 1
Action Replay codes? 2
After getting the Sword of Light. where to? 3
Also stuck in liberte? 1
Are the enemies getting stronger as I do?! 1
Black and white mage question? 1
Black mage/white mage ap? 2
Can someone Give me the location of all 4 towers? 1
Class stats? 1
Does different crown give different stat change per level? 1
Does Regen wear off? 1
help im Jusqua with a black cat what do i do?? 1
Help on the dragon facing clockwise on the second time? 1
How do I choose who to attack? 1
How do i cure poison status? 1
How do I get points to spend in the wireless shop? 4
How do I get to spelvia? 1
How do i unlock beastmaster crown? 8
How do I unlock the ninja crown/job? 1
How do I use the Transform Staff? 2
How do you cure the villagers in Horne? And how do you remove the darkness? 1
How do you get more AP points? 2
How do you get the villagers out of stone????? 1
How do you turn on auto-battle? 2
How do you unlock the Dark Fencer crown? 2
How do you use cure outside of battle? 1
How to get the Dragon's Mark? 1
How to get to 4th Floor in Tree of Life? 3
How To Switching Charaters? 1
I just beat the Game What's Next? 2
Is it, really? 2
Is there a idle gem farming method? 1
Is there any purpose to Cetus (the whale) after u beat the demon of the high seas in the earth? 1
Is this a decnt form? 1
Is this a good team set up? 1
Is this a okay form/wel rounded? 1
L&R buttons? 4
Magic Locations? 3
Missables in this game? 1
Monk help? 1
Multiplayer. What is it good for? 2
Psych Up? 2
Questions About after the end of the game? 1
Saves? 1
So Im back to Horne and have the Lamp of Truth where to? 1
So when will they realese this game in the philipines? 4
So...? 2
Some random questions about a crowns..? 2
Walkthrough? 4
What Can I do After I beat the Game? 2
What determines stat boosts on level up? 1
What is 'looping' magic? 1
What is the best FF for the DS? 1
What is the difference between intellect +10% and magic attack +10% ? 4
What should I do? 1
When will the team splits stop? 3
Where can you check your achievements? 1
Where do I get the Armor of Light? and How? 2
where do i go after Arbor? 1
Where is Arbor???? 2
Where is the entrance to the secret passage in the Ice Cavern? 1
Where is the liberte weapon shop? 2
Why Yunita not join my party in Towb of Urbeth? 3
Worth it? 1

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