100% Completion Guide by ShadowofGlenn

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Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light Completion Guide
Last updated April 3rd, 2012
Written by: ShadowofGlenn
Version .91

Forward: This is not only the first version of this guide, but also the 
first guide I've written. Any errors, notes, or suggestions may be 
directed to shadowofglenn@yahoo.com. I know this guide is not pretty, I 
may update the aesthetics in a later version, but I'm more concerned with 
making the content publicly available.

Table of Contents

Introduction					[4H01]
Item / Chest walkthrough			[4H02]
	Horne					[4H02H]
	Guera					[4H02G]
	Liberte					[4H02L]
	Urbeth					[4H02U]
	Arbor					[4H02A]
	Invidia					[4H02I]
	Spelvia					[4H02S]
	After Darkness falls			[4H02DF]
	Bonus Towers				[4H02BT]
In-game item list				[4H03]
Other Achievements				[4H04]
	9,999,999 Gil				[4H0499]
	Mastering All Crowns			[4H04CR]
	Upgrade an item to level 99		[4H04UP]
	Complete one bonus tower		[4H04CO]
	Speak to every animal			[4H04AN]
Terms of use			
Introduction [4H01]

This guide was written for the sole purpose of completing the in game 
achievements. There are only marginal benefits to completing everything. 
The Scribe crown has a stat boosting ability that gets enhanced as you 
complete more achievements. Other than that, your reward is adding images 
to the picture on the title screen.

Here is a list of the completion factors:

Obtain one of every item
Open 100% of treasure chests
Accumulate 9,999,999 Gil
Master all Crowns
Upgrade an item to level 99
Complete a bonus tower
Speak to every animal

This is not a walkthrough, but Missable, or hard to obtain items are 
listed in order as you progress through the game. There are other 
walkthroughs and item lists out there. This one is a combination of the 
two, so you don't make it to endgame, realizing you missed something 
simple like the Mythril Hammer.

There are two rules you need to keep in mind as you progress through the 
game. Do not sell any items, and open every chest as soon as it is 
available. This game is very linear, and sometimes you can not get back to 
previous areas you just visited. The world is fully open to your 
exploration after an event called darkness falls. This event takes place 
after you have visited all seven towns. For some chests and items it is 
mandatory that you get them at that point. Other chests and items can be 
found later, and recommendations are made for when to get them. There are 
many unique items in the game that are very easy to find in chests or even 
as starting equipment. Not all of these items are covered in this guide as 
being special. Assuming you do not sell any items, and open all chests as 
soon as they are available, you will not miss these items. A few examples 
are the Old Clothes Yunita wears when she rejoins in Urbeth, and the 
Hunting Horn found in a chest in the Pirates hideout. Both easy to obtain, 
but if you sell them you are screwed. Also, many people tend to sell the 
Kings Shortsword Air starts with. Don't do that, not only is there only 
one, but it is the best dagger in the game.
Treasure chests are all numbered, but as mentioned later this numbering 
system isn't exact. Some story related chests do not count, and based on 
the chest percentage completion, it appears the hidden treasures in the 
towns do not count either. Following this guide closely will result in 
100% chest completion because it did for me.

Finally, the content of this guide was generated from numerous sources, 
most of the work not being mine. Special thanks to PiperStarfire Gilmore, 
and ZorlockDarksoul for their guides, and the gamefaqs community for their 
input. Also, while flawed and sometime misleading, the Brady strategy 
guide also provided some good insights.

Item / Chest Walkthrough [4H02]

Horne [4H02H]

Hidden Chests
Potion - Brandt's house
Potion - left side of Brandt's house
Potion - Across bridge from Brandt's house, in field
Dragon Wing - In a house right of the Adventurer, in a barrel
Torch - Next to a bed on the top floor of the inn
Dragon Wing - In Horn's western most house, upstairs, check a box
Potion - Bottom leg of the wooden aqueduct by the storage shop
Potion - North of town to the right of the windmill

Other items in horn (may or may not count as chests since they are given 
to you by NPCs. Might as well collect them just to be safe.)

Phoenix down - Guard right in front of Horn's south entrance(only 	
	       before speaking with king?)
Potion - Birthday gift from woman to the left of the item shop
Potion - From man outside of wireless shop
Steel Sword - From king Horn 
100 gil - from minister to the right of King Horn
Phoenix down - From woman in lower right door in royal chamber

1. Wood Shield - Right room in Horn Castle with two chests
2. Potion - Right room in Horn Castle with two chests
3. Potion - Left room in Horn Castle with one chest

*One Time Only Item
Immediately after speaking with the king, go back to Brandt's house and 
speak with his mother. You will get the inherited ring. This is only 
available before you defeat Greaps in the Witch's Mansion.

*The Falcon enemies outside of Horne are a good early way to get Gale 
Gauntlets: 2% drop chance. However the Arp Enemies you find after darkness 
falls have a better chance of dropping tis item: 5.1% drop chance

North Caves

4. Potion - 1F
5. Phoenix Down - 1F
6. Phoenix Down - 1F
7. Hatchet - 1F

*The Bloodbat enemies are the best place to get Bloody Rings: .8% drop 
chance. Best to get at least one before darkness falls. Blood bats can be 
found in many other caves, so don't worry if you don't get one here.

Witch's Mansion

8. Cure Tome - 2F
9. Potion - 1F
10. Steel Armor - 1F
11. Phoenix down - 3F
12. Horne's Bow - 1F (disguised by wall)
13. Dragon Wing - 2F

After a series of events in Horne, you are now traveling with Just Brandt 
and Yunita. Now that you have the wayfarer crown, you can now begin 
farming wireless points. This is very easy to do, the best method is to 
collect rubies and emeralds to upgrade your crown and learn the Escape 
ability. Set the ability on both characters, and get into a random battle. 
Press the X button to activate auto mode and select Escape for both 
characters. Now weight down the D-pad so you are continuously walking in 
one direction. You will still encounter enemies when you are walking into 
a wall or other barrier, so now you will continuously enter and exit 
battles. You get five wireless points per battle, and can make about 875 
points per hour this way. I like to do this immediately to get all the 
high powered elemental swords from Horne before the Liberte shopkeepers 

Moonlight Tower

14. Tempest Pike - 2F
15. Phoenix Down - 2F
16. Rising Sun - 3F
17. 1000 gil - 5F 

*The Big Worm enemies outside of Guera and in various desert dungeons are 
the best way to get Earth Gauntlets: 5.1% drop chance

*The Basilisk enemies are the best way to get Poison Rings: 2% drop chance

Guera [4H02G]

Hidden Chests
Potion - In the INN between the two beds in the right room
Potion - In the trees to the right of the well
Eye Drops - Table in wireless shop
Antidote - In the large three doorway house, left wardrobe
Antidote - Behind large three doorway house, next to a bush
Potion - In Magic Shop, left bookshelf
Animate Tonic - Behind wireless shop - requires animal form, you 		
		    will have to return later
Dirt Dirk - Behind locked building - requires animal form, you will 	
	      have to return later

Guera Caverns 

18. Torch - B1F
19. Wood Axe - B2F
20. Ether - B1F
20. Water Tome - B2F
22. Phoenix Down - B1F

*Access to the Guera Caverns is available immediately once you find the 
town, however you can only get in at night. Make sure you get all chests 
in this dungeon before you go to Quicksand Castle, as it will become 
unavailable immediately after.

Quicksand Castle

23. Phoenix Down - 1F
24. Ether - 1F
25. Blue Shot - 2F
26. Baneknife - 3F
27. Earth Axe - 4F

*Strip Krinjh of his Krinjh's Sword before you fight the Sand Devil in the 
Quicksand Castle. Take his Krinjh's robe as well while you're at it. This 
will save time trying to steal one from him in the Bonus Tower. With the 
proper set-up, you will not need Krinjh to live through the boss fight 

*One Time Only Item
The Earth Sword is a guaranteed drop by the Sand Devil boss. However, make 
sure it does not end up in Krinjh's inventory after fight, as he 
immediately leaves your party.

Liberte [4H02L]

Hidden Treasures
Potion - Right wall of storage shop
Gaia drum - Behind item shop
Phoenix Down - Southwest corner of town by tree
Dragon Wing - On the boat right of the wireless shop, check the mast
Eye Drops - Flowers next to empty house, next to Adventurer
Echo Herbs - Check one of the beds in the left side of the INN
Hi-Potion - In the woods to the right of Apollo's house
Potion - In the King's chamber, in a bush to the right

*Buy a Knife in Liberte or Urbeth before darkness falls. There are no more 
in the game after this point

*Buy at least one Tranquilizer in Liberte before darkness falls. They are 
hard to obtain after

28. Giant's Ring - Apollo's House

Pirate's Hideout

29. 300 gil - B1 Left
30. Rock Lance - B2
31. Terra Stave - B2
32. 500 Gil - B4
33. Icebrand - B4
34. 500 Gil - B4
35. Ocean Stave - B4
36. Hunting Horn - B4
37. Antarctic Wind - B4

*The Lamia enemies in Pirate Hideout are the best way to get Sleep Rings: 
5.1% drop chance

*Make sure you get all the treasures in the treasure room before darkness 
falls. The get replaced with other treasures later

*One Time Only Item
Talk to Apollo in Liberte after you go through Pirates hideout for 
Apollo's talisman

Liberte's Whirlpool

38. Stream Cape - 1F
39. Earth Bow - 2F
40. Bolt Sword - 1F
41. Echo herbs - 1F

* This dungeon becomes unavailable after darkness falls, so get all four 
chests now

Fairy path

42. Spirit Ring - 1F
43. Spring Gauntlets - 1F

Hunting Caves

44. Ether - B2
45. Thunder Axe - B3
46. Hi-Ether - B4

*Make sure you get the High-Ether now; it gets replaced with a quest item 
after darkness falls

Urbeth [4H02U]

Hidden Treasures
Hi-Potion - Trylion's shop, right bookcase
Potion - House south of Accessory shop, dresser in back room
Alarm Clock - Box on pier south of Accessory shop
Hydraxe - inn, check the left tub
Zeus's Wrath - In the water behind tower to the sky
Great Tree Log - Bylion's item shop, upper level
Cross - Inside tavern, back left near barrels
Hi-Potion - to the left of the tavern, near wooden barrels

47. Red Shot - Tower to the sky back entrance

There are many items that you should get in Urbeth at this point; 
fortunately money is no longer an issue. You can make unlimited gil by 
selling stuff behind the counter in Thouzand's shop. This is explained 
better in other guides, so I will not go into great detail here. Basically 
buy as many ethers as you can from Bylion's shop. Talk to the man in front 
of the Counter at Thouzand's shop and say you want to sell stuff. A screen 
will pop up with places to put your items. You want the layout with two 
"group" spaces, and one single space on the top row. If you do not get 
what you want, cancel out and try again. Once you have the proper layout, 
put five ethers in the top row, and mark them all for 5000 gil. Put the 
"Hot Deal!" Icon over the single Ether slot. For each ether you sell, you 
will make either a 250% or 500% profit. You will not necessarily sell all 
five ethers every time, so repeat this trick as necessary.

Another tip for Urbeth is to buy three Hermes sandals and one Gem 
Collector at the Wireless shop. These will be used to farm Diamonds from a 
boss just before darkness falls, and from other bosses in the game. This 
will set you back 21,000 Wireless points, so you may want to leave your 
game auto-battling over night. Like mentioned before, you can get about 
875 Wireless points per hour this way, so you will need about 24 hours of 
points saved up.

*Buy an Ice Pick In Urbeth or Invidia before darkness falls. They are hard 
to obtain after

*The Succubus enemies outside of Urbeth are the best way to get Confuse 
Rings: 5.1% drop chance

* The Garm enemies outside of Urbeth are the best way to get the Lone Wolf 
accessory: 2% drop chance

*The Ikakku enemies outside of Urbeth while on the boat are the best way 
to get Death rings. 1.2% drop chance - You will find more of these enemies 
throughout the game in multiple locations. Feel free to wait on this one

Arbor [4H02A]

Hidden Items
Hi-Potion - Grass a few steps in front of save point
Eye Drops - Blue mushrooms just before Great Tree Roots
Echo Herbs - Blue pot next to the item shop
Alarm Clock - Blue pot above item shop
Bomb Fragment - Bed in small room to the left of the wireless shop
Potion - Blue mushrooms in front of wireless shop
Potion - Basket behind Wireless shop
Phoenix Down - Queen's chamber, right path to the great tree seed

*Buy a Stun Stiletto In Arbor before darkness falls. There are no more in 
the game after this point

*Buy a Silence Cape and a Sleep Cape in Arbor before darkness falls. There 
are no more in the game after this point

Great Tree Roots:

48. Great tree harp - B1F
49. Phoenix Down - B2F

Animal Staff - B2F: This item does not count towards the treasure chest 
completion percentage, abased on the fact that all other quest related 
items from chests don't count.

Great Tree

Phoenix Down - 1F
Wind Cape - 2F
Phoenix Down - 3F
Hi-Potion - 3F
Phoenix Down - 2F
Wood Lance - 4F
Ether - 3F-4F connection
Fairy Cape - 3F 
Hi-Potion - 4F

*The Batter Fly enemies in The Great Tree are the best way to get Flash 
Rings: 2% drop chance

*The Rattatox enemies in The Great Tree are the best way to get Wind 
Daggers: 5.1% drop chance

*The Mandragora enemies in The Great Tree are the best way to get Stun 
Rings: 2% drop chance

*Strip Torte of Torte's clothes and the Sacred Tree Staff before going and 
talking to the Queen after defeating Arbaroc (first fight)

Ice Caverns West

50. Hi-Potion - 1F
51. Intellect Ring - B1F

Ice Caverns East

52. Ether - 1F
53. Flame Spear - B1F
54. Darkening Harp - B1F

Invidia [4H02I]

Hidden Treasures
Potion - Table south of weapon shop
Hi-Potion - Cooking pot to the east of the storage shop
Tranquilizer - South of the INN, stove with the teapot on top
Animate Tonic - On the staircase leading up to Rekoteh's room
Antidote - Sleeping man to the North-West of the math game
Bomb Fragment - Straight south from item shop on table
Potion - Tree north of dragon's egg
Dark Sigh - Window above Rekoteh

*One Time Only Item
Make sure you opt to trade mythril for the Mythril Hammer before you try 
to wake the dragon's egg with Firaga. 

*Make sure you buy the Elementalist Robe and the Ranger Outfit in either 
Invidia or Spelvia before darkness falls

*Buy a Darkness Axe in Invidia before darkness falls. They are hard to 
obtain after

*Before you go to the Invidia Underground, you are given the Magic Key. 
Unfortunately, you can not backtrack to Horne until after darkness falls. 
There is no path back to Arbor through the Ice caves, and the road through 
the Animal Cave is now blocked as well

Invidia Underground

55. Inferno Stave - B1F
56. Book of Shiva - B2F

*Strip Rekoteh of her Rekoteh's Clothes and Shark Lance before riding the 
Dragon to Spelvia


*Buy at least one Raven's Yawn from Urbeth after obtaining the magic key, 
but before darkness falls. They are hard to obtain after

*As Yunita, speak to all the shop owners for new gear. Thauzand gives you 
a Steel Sword +5, Trylion gives you a Trylion Ring, Bylion gives you a 
Potion, and Mylion will trade you a pair of Rainbow boots for a mythril if 
you have any. (Mythritoises are located outside of Urbeth at night.)

Tower to the Sky
57. Cura Tome - 2F
58. Dark Cape - 3F
59. Star Earring - 4F
60. Raise Tome - 5F
61. Ether - 6F
62. Hi-Potion - 7F
63. Soil Cape - 7F
64. 500 Gil - 8F

Spelvia Dungeons

65. Phoenix Down - B3F
66. Shining Axe - B3F
67. Shine Cape - B2F
68. Book of Ramuh - B2F


Hidden Treasures
Remedy - To the right of the dungeons exit
Shining Harp - Behind tombstone
Holy Breath - Behind pool of water, right of the tombstone
Indra's Spear - Behind item shop, around the back
Animate Tonic - Candles, in the bottom right corner of inn
Dark Sigh - Broken pillar in horizontal hallway before throne room
Dragon Wing - Throne room, left staircase at the end
Echo Herbs - Rolan's chamber, left side

69. Courage Ring - Throne room, right staircase behind pillar. 

*Make sure you buy a Stardust Bow from the Spelvia Weapon shop before 
Darkness falls

Rolan's Soul
70. Hero Armor - Underneath central staircase.

*The Doppleganger enemies in Rolan's Soul are the best way to get Curse 
Rings: 5% steal chance

*The Doppleganger enemies (specifically Aire) in Rolan's soul are the best 
way to get Cursed Blades: 5.1% drop chance

*Strip Rolan of Rolan's Clothes before defeating Geri and Freki in Rolan's 

Spelvia [4H02S]

*The Rolan boss fight is the best way to get a Lightbringer sword: 25% 
steal chance

*The Rolan boss fight is also the quickest way to farm diamonds. This is 
explained better in other guides, so I will not go into great detail. The 
best set up is four Merchants with the Keeper ability. Three of your party 
members should not equip armor or shields, and they should have Hermes 
Sandals equipped. For your fourth member, equip the Hero Armor you just 
got, and a Gem Collector accessory. This ensures at least three get a 
chance to find a gem, and the fourth has the chance to survive the first 
round of Rolan's attacks so they can find a gem as well. Enemies target 
your characters from strongest to weakest, so try to have your gem 
collector on your "weakest" character. For me at this point it was Yunita.

After Darkness Falls [4H02DF]


This is a good time to go to Horne and check your chest percentage. 
Immediately after darkness falls, you should be at %. There are four more 
chests to get in Horne Now that you have the Magic Key.

Your percent after each chest should be as follows:

71. X-Potion - Cid's House
72. Hi-Ether - Cid's House
73. Soul of Thamasa - Horne Castle

Using a simple algebraic equation, now we know there are exactly # chests 
in the game, and that we are on target for 100%

*The Arp enemies outside of Horne after Darkness falls are the best way to 
get Quaking Harps: 10.2% drop chance AND Gale Gauntlets 5.1% drop chance


There are a few more Magic Key Chests to get

74. Soul of Thamasa - House locked by magic key in Liberte Town
75. Remedy - House locked by magic key in Liberte Town
76. Stunning Harp - House locked by magic key in Liberte Town 

Mt. Gulg

77. Flameblade - 1F
78. Fire Axe - 1F
79. Burning Harp - 2F
80. Flame Cape - 2F
81. Elf Cape - 4F

Pirate Hideout -

82. Fresh Meat - B4F
83. Dancer Clothes - B4F
84. 1000 gil - B4F
85. Monk Robe - B4F
86. Death Tome - B4F
87. 1000 gil - B4F
Rusty Compass - B4F

Hunting Caves

Hi-Elixer - B4F 

*The Fungus enemies in the Hunting Caves after Darkness falls are the only 
way to get the Great Tree Sword: 5.1% drop chance

*The Lilith enemies outside of Urbeth after darkness falls are the only 
way to get Whispering Harps: 10.2% drop chance

Sun Temple

88. Growth Egg - B2F
89. Fossil Cape - B2F
90. Death Cape - B2F

*The Mammon Boss is the only way to get the Claustrum, and only from the 
first fight with him: 5% steal chance
Ice Caves

There is a secret entrance to the Ice caves with two chests

91. Turtle Shell - 1F
92. Hi-Ether - 1F

*The Wraith Enemies in the Ice Cave and Rolan's Soul after darkness falls 
are the only way to get Silence rings: 5.1% drop chance

Magic Laboratory

93. Star Earrings - B4F
94. Darkness Staff - B2F
95. Evil Lance - B2F
96. Darkga Tome - B2F
97. Black Book - B2F

*Stealing from Satan is the only way to get the Darkbringer Sword: 5% 

Star Chamber

98. Phoenix Down - B1F
99. Ribbon - B2F
100. Kiku-Ichimonji - B2F
101. Ether - B2F
102. Fresh Meat - B2F
103. Hi-Ether - B3F
104. Hero's Will - B3F
105. Fortune Egg - B3F
106. X-Potion - B4F

Bonus Towers [4H02BT]

* Chests in the bonus towers do not count towards the totals, however be 
on the look out for the Elixir Item which may be found randomly on any 
floor besides the exit floors.

*The Wyvern enemies in the Mysterious light house are the only way to get 
Holy Lances: 2% drop chance

*The Adventurer in the Trial Tower is the only way to get the Adventurer's 
garb: 25% steal Chance, 15% drop chance

106 chests = ~9.4 percentage points per chest. I tracked the percentage 
points starting when Cid is first available. If you have every available 
chest by the time you reach Cid, you should be at 68%. The first chest you 
get in his house will bring you up to 69%, and it will remain at 69% when 
you get the second. The math does not add up, so I can't say for sure 
exactly which chests may be optional, so just get all the ones I listed to 
be safe. I'm happy to update my data if someone can determine exactly what 
counts, and a few others validate it.

In-game Item List [4H03]

This list is a quick guide if you are cross checking your items with a 
complete list. The order of this list matches every item as it appears in 
the storage shop list. Also included is the items location. Many items 
have multiple locations, but only one is listed. The location listed is 
the easiest way to obtain the item in my opinion.

Potion			Horne item shop				
Hi-Potion		Liberte item shop
X-Potion		Guera Item shop after darkness falls
Elixir			Bonus towers in random chests
Phoenix Down		Horne item shop
Tranquilizer		Liberte item shop
Antidote		Guera item shop
Gold Needle		Urbeth item Shop
Echo Herbs		Guera item shop
Animate Tonic		Guera item shop
Eye Drops		Guera item shop
Alarm Clock		Urbeth item shop
Cross			Urbeth item shop
Remedy			Urbeth item shop
Ether			Urbeth item shop
Hi-Ether		Chest in Hunting Caves before darkness falls
Bomb Fragment		Arbor hidden treasure
Antarctic Wind		Chest in Pirate Hideout
Gaia Drum		Liberte hidden treasure
Raven's Yawn		Urbeth item shop before darkness falls with magic 
Great tree Log		Urbeth hidden treasure
Zeus's Wrath		Urbeth hidden treasure
Dark Sigh		Invidia hidden treasure
Holy Breath		Spelvia hidden treasure
Torch			Horne item shop
Hunting Horn		Chest in Pirate's Hideout
Dragon Wing		Horne item shop
Music Score		Liberte wireless 
Mythril			Steal from Mythritoise outside Urbeth /Invidia
Orihalcon		Guaranteed drop from dragons on 80f of Bonus 
Cure Tome		Jusqua / Yunita starting gear
Cura Tome		Torte starting gear
Curaga Tome		Guera shop after darkness falls
Esuna Tome		Guera shop after darkness falls
Raise Tome		Rekoteh's starting gear
Arise Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Fire Tome		Jusqua / Yunita starting gear
Fira Tome		Guera shop
Firaga Tome		Urbeth shop
Water Tome		Guera Caverns before Quicksand Castle
Watera Tome		Urbeth shop
Wateraga Tome		Urbeth shop
Quake Tome		Guera shop
Quakra Tome 		Guera shop
Quaga Tome		Guera shop
Aero Tome		Krinjh's starting gear	
Aerora Tome		Guera shop	
Aeroga Tome		Horne shop after darkness falls
Leaf Tome		Arbor shop
Leafra Tome		Arbor shop
Leafaga Tome		Arbor shop
Banish Tome		Spelvia shop
Banishra Tome		Spelvia shop
Banishga Tome		Spelvia shop
Dark Tome		Invidia shop
Darkra Tome		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Darkaga Tome		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Thunder Tome		Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Thundara Tome		Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Thundaga Tome		Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Blizzard Tome		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Blizzara Tome		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Blizzaga Tome		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Drain Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Confuse Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Poison Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Break Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Silence Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls 
Suppress Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Flash Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Curse Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Sleep Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Death Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Berserk Tome		Guera shop
Shell Tome		Guera shop
Protect Tome		Guera shop
Invisible Tome		Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Regen Tome		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Aura Tome		Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Magick Tome		Guera shop
Desolator Tome		Horne after Satan battle
Lux Tome		Arbor after Belphegor battle
Krinjh's Sword		*Missable* Krinjh's starting gear
Steel Sword		Jusqua / Yunita's starting gear
Wind Foil		Dropped from lizardman enemies outside Horne
Icebrand		Chest in Pirate Hideout
Earth Sword		*Missable* Dropped by Sand Devil, don't give to 
Bolt Sword		Urbeth shop
Great Tree Sword	Dropped by Fungus in Hunting caves after darkness 
Darkness Blade		Invidia shop
Shining Blade		Spelvia Shop
Flameblade		Chest in Mt. Gulg
Lightbringer		Steal from Rolan in Spelvia
Mutsunokami		Urbeth shop after darkness shop
Muramasa		Mysterious Lighthouse 40F shop		
Kiku-ichimonji		Chest in Star Chamber
Darkbringer		*Missable* Steal from Satan
Excalibur		90F chest in bonus towers
Inferno			Horne wireless
Frost Bull		Horne wireless
Gran Fissure		Horne wireless
Krysta			Horne wireless
Blacksword		Horne wireless
Sword of Light		Talk to Rolan after defeating Lucifer
Rising Sun		Chest in Moonlight Tower
Fuma Shuriken		Mysterious Lighthouse 40F shop
Koga Shuriken		Holy Tree Tower 40F shop
Moonring Blade		Holy Tree Tower 40F shop
Kunai			Trial Tower 40F shop
Shiranui		Mysterious Lighthouse 40F shop
Oboro			Trial Tower 40F shop
Hatchet			Chest in Northern Caves
Fire Axe		Chest in Mt. Gulg
Hydraxe			Urbeth hidden treasure
Earth Axe		Chest in Quicksand Castle
Storm Axe		Horne Shop
Wood Axe		Chest in Guera Caverns
Thunder Axe		Chest in Hunting Caves
Shining Axe		Chest in Spelvia Dungeons
Darkness Axe		Invidia shop
Afreet Axe		90F chest in Bonus Towers
Mythril Hammer		*Missable* Trade Mythril for the hammer at the 
			weapon shop in Invidia before you use Firaga on 
			the egg
Mjollnir		Guera wireless
Hercules		Guera wireless
Ares			Guera wireless
Encyclopedia		Urbeth shop
Book of Ifrit		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Book of Shiva		Chest in Invidia Underground
Book of Titan		Guera shop after darkness falls
Book of Sylph		Guera shop after darkness falls
Book of Dryad		Arbor shop after darkness falls
Book of Ramuh		Chest in Spelvia dungeons
White Book		Spelvia shop
Black Book		Chest in Magic Laboratory
Necronomicon		90F chest in Bonus Towers
Book of Secrets		Liberte wireless
Avalon Scrolls		Liberte wireless
Akashic Records		Liberte wireless
Magic Staff		Guera shop
Inferno Stave		Chest in Invidia Underground
Ocean Stave		Chest in Pirate Hideout
Terra Stave		Chest in Pirate Hideout
Cyclone Staff		Urbeth Shop
Sacred Tree Staff	Torte's starting gear
Shining Staff		Spelvia shop
Darkness Staff		Chest in Magic laboratory
Great Wizard Save	90F chest in Bonus Towers
Claustrum		*Missable* Steal from first Mammon battle
Mythril Rod		Arbor wireless
Sage's Staff		Arbor wireless
Steel Spear		Guera shop
Flame Spear		Chest in Ice Caverns
Shark Lance		Rekoteh's starting gear
Rock Lance		Chest in Pirate Hideout
Tempest Pike		Chest in Moonlight Tower
Wood Lance		Chest in Great Tree
Indra's Spear		Hidden treasure in Spelvia
Holy Lance		Dropped by Wyvern enemies in Mysterious 
			Lighthouse bonus tower
Evil Lance		Chest in Magic laboratory
Zodiac Spear		90F chest in Bonus Towers
Gungnir			Moonsand ruins 40F shop
Giant Needle		Trial Tower 40F Shop
Mamon's Spear		Urbeth wireless
Gae Bolg		Urbeth wireless
Trident			Urbeth wireless
Giant's Toothpick	90F chest in Bonus Towers
Guan Yu's Pike		Holy Tree tower 40F shop
Horne's Bow		Chest in Witch's Mansion
Red Shot		Chest in back entrance of Tower to the Sky
Blue Shot		Chest in Quicksand Castle
Earth Bow		Chest in Liberte Whirlpool
Wind Bow		Guera shop
Ranger Bow		Arbor shop
Bolt Bow		Spelvia shop
Stardust Bow		*Missable* Spelvia shop - Buy before darkness 
Bloody bow		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Artemis Bow		90F chest in Bonus Towers
Hades' Bow		Invidia wireless
Expunger		Invidia wireless
Failnaught		Invidia wireless
Harp			Liberte shop
Burning Harp		Chest in Mt. Gulg
Flowing Harp		Liberte shop after darkness falls
Quaking Harp		Dropped by Arp enemies outside of Horne after 	
			darkness falls
Whispering Harp		Dropped by Lilith enemies outside of Urbeth after 
			darkness falls
Great Tree Harp		Chest in Great Tree Roots
Stunning Harp		Chest in Liberte - use magic key
Shining Harp		Spelvia hidden treasure
Darkening Harp		Chest in Ice caverns
Apollo's Harp		90F chest in Bonus Towers
Lamia Harp		Spelvia wireless
Angel Harp		Spelvia wireless
David's Harp		Spelvia wireless
Knife			*Missable* Liberte shop - buy before darkness 
King's Shortsword	Aire's starting gear
Baneknife		Chest in Quicksand Castle
Flame Dagger		Liberte shop
Ice Pick		Urbeth shop
Dirt Dirk		Guera hidden treasure
Wind Dagger		Dropped by Rattatox enemies in the Great Tree
Great Tree Dagger	Arbor shop
Stun Stiletto		*Missable* Arbor shop - buy before darkness falls
Holy Knife		Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Cursed Blade		Steal from Aire Doppleganger in Rolan's Soul
Fresh Meat		Chest in Pirate's Hideout after darkness falls
Stiletto		Spelvia wireless
Sasuke's Kodachi	Spelvia wireless
Main Gauche		Spelvia wireless
Tonberry Knife		Spelvia wireless
Wood Shield		Chest in Horne Castle
Flame Shield		Urbeth shop
Ice Shield		Liberte shop
Rock Shield		Guera shop
Wind Shield		Horne shop after Satan is defeated
Great Tree Shield	Arbor shop
Holy Shield		Spelvia shop
Darksteel Shield	Urbeth shop
Shield of Light		Talk to Krinjh after defeating Asmodeus
Unyielding Shield	Moonsand ruins 40F shop
Antimage		Moonsand ruins 40F shop
Hide Shield		Moonsand ruins 40F shop
Traveler's Garb		Horne Shop
Black Robe		Liberte shop
White Robe		Liberte shop
Bandit Gear		Urbeth shop
Poet Tunic		Urbeth shop
Elementalist Robe	*Missable* Invidia shop before darkness falls
Ranger Outfit 		*Missable* Invidia shop before darkness falls
Merchant Tunic		Arbor shop
Salve-maker Robe	Arbor shop
Fighter Gi		Spelvia shop
Scholar Gown		Spelvia shop
Party Host Wear		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Hero Armor		Chest in Rolan's soul
Spell Fencer Armor	Guera shop after darkness falls
Dark Fencer Armor	Horne shop after darkness falls
Sage Robe		70f chest in bonus towers
Shaman Robe		Horne shop after darkness falls
Paladin Armor		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Ninja Uniform		70f chest in bonus towers
Dancer Clothes		Chest in Pirate Hideout after darkness falls
Musician Robes		70f chest in bonus towers
Monk Robe		Chest in Pirate Hideout after darkness falls
Beastmaster Coat	70f chest in bonus towers
Seamstress Clothes	70f chest in bonus towers
Alchemist Gown		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Scribe Gown		70f chest in bonus towers
Storyteller Robe	70f chest in bonus towers
Steel Armor		Chest in Witch's Mansion
Armor of Light		Talk to the Chief of Invidia after defeating 	
Old Clothes		Yunita wears this when she joins Jusqua in 	
Yunita's Garb		Yunita's starting gear
Brandt's Togs		Brandt's starting gear
Jusqua's Coat		Jusqua's starting gear
Aire's Frock		Aire's starting gear
Krinjh's Robe		Krinjh's starting gear
Torte's Clothes		Torte's starting gear
Rekoteh's Clothes	Rekoteh's starting gear
Rolan's Clothes		Rolan's starting gear
Adventurer's Garb	Steal or win from Adventurer on 100r of 		
			Trial Tower
Fencer's Garb		Horne wireless
Afreet Robe		Guera wireless
Priest's Gown		Guera wireless
Cat's Tunic		Liberte wireless
Angel Toga		Liberte wireless
Vermilion		Arbor wireless		
Hunter Garb		Arbor wireless
Worker's Clothes	Urbeth wireless
Silver Suit		Urbeth wireless
Monkish Garb		Invidia wireless
Gunner's Coat		Invidia wireless
Modern Dress		Spelvia wireless
Replica Plate		Spelvia wireless
Red Sash		Guera wireless
Warmage Armor		Horne wireless
Ceremonial Robe		Horne wireless 
Cat's Cloak		Invidia wireless
Maximillian		Liberte wireless
Shinobi Garb		Guera wireless
Dancing Wear		Liberte wireless
Blue Jacket		Liberte wireless
Eastern Garb		Arbor wireless
Dark Armor		Arbor wireless
Hestia's Tunic		Invidia wireless
Red Jacket		Urbeth wireless
Trylion's Coat		Urbeth wireless
Garb of Knowledge	Arbor wireless
Power Ring		Guera shop
Intellect Ring		Chest in Ice Caverns
Spirit Ring		Chest in Fairy Path
Giants Ring		Chest in Apollo's house
Turtle Shell		Urbeth shop
Fairy Cape		Chest in the Great Tree
Sniper's Ring		Arbor shop after darkness falls
Star Earring		Chest in Tower to the Sky
Black Ring		Urbeth shop
Soul of Thamasa		Chest in Horne Castle
Elf Cape		Chest in Mt. Gulg
Flame Cape		Chest in Mt. Gulg
Soil Cape		Chest in Tower to the sky
Wind Cape		Chest in Great Tree
Shine Cape		Chest in Spelvia Dungeons
Dark Cape		Chest in Tower to the Sky
Cape of Light		Talk to Thauzand after defeating Beelzebub
Stream Cape		Chest in Liberte Whirlpool
Flame Gauntlet		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Earth Gauntlet		Dropped by Big Worm enemies outside of Guera
Gale Gauntlet		Dropped by Falcon enemies outside of Horne
Glimmer Gauntlet	Spelvia shop after darkness falls
Dusk Gauntlet		Invidia shop after darkness falls
Spring Gauntlet		Chest in Fairy Path
Growth Egg		Chest in Sun Temple
Fortune Egg		Chest in Star Chamber
Hermes Sandals		Urbeth wireless
Old Shoes		Liberte wireless
Death Ring		Dropped by Ikakku enemies outside Invidia
Poison Ring		Dropped by Cockatrice enemies outside Guera
Confuse Ring		Dropped by Succubus enemies outside Urbeth
Silence Ring		Dropped by Wraith enemies in Ice Caves after 
			darkness falls
Flash Ring		Dropped by Batter Fly enemies in the Great Tree
Fossil Ring		Spelvia shop
Curse  Ring		Dropped by Doppleganger enemies in Rolan's soul
Bloody Ring		Dropped by Blood Bat enemies in Northern Caves
Stun Ring		Urbeth shop
Sleep Ring		Dropped by Lamia enemies in Pirate's Hideout
Ribbon			Steal from Ogre Bear in Animal Burrow after 
			darkness falls
Death Cape		Chest in Sun Temple
Poison Cape		Guera shop
Confuse Cape		Liberte shop
Silence Cape		*Missable* Arbor shop before darkness falls
Flash Cape		Urbeth shop after darkness falls
Fossil Cape		Spelvia shop
Curse Cape		Chest in Tower to the Sky
Stun Cape		Urbeth shop
Sleep Cape		*Missable* Arbor shop before darkness falls
Hero's Will		Chest in Star Chamber
Courage Ring		Chest in Spelvia throne room
Lone Wolf		Dropped by Garm enemies outside Urbeth
Gem Collector		Urbeth wireless
Energy Screen		Invidia wireless
Mana Screen		Arbor wireless
Apollo's Talisman	*Missable* Talk to Apollo in Liberte immediately 
			after your first time through Pirate's Hideout
Inherited Ring		*Missable* Talk to Brandt's mom right after 	
			talking to the King
Trylion's Ring		Talk to Trylion while Yunita is preparing to 	
			climb the Tower to the Sky
Rainbow Boots		Give Mylion a piece of Mythril while Yunita 		
			is preparing to climb the Tower to the Sky	

Other achievements [4H04]

9,999,999 Gil [4H0499]

This is a very time consuming achievement to complete, and you might as 
well wait until after darkness falls. There are two methods to complete 
it. The active method involves farming Diamonds from Ogre Bear, and the 
passive method relies on the auto-gem farming trick to fill your 
Amethysts, Aquamarines, Topaz gems and rubies overnight. The Bear method 
will get you about 500,000 gil per hour of tedious farming, while the 
auto-farm method will get you about 250,000 gil every four hours while you 
leave your game to play on it's own.

The optimal set up I've found for the Ogre Bear method is four Story 
Teller Crowns each equipped with Finder, Keeper, Kamikaze, and Escape. 
Three party members should have Energy Screens from the Invidia wireless 
shop, and the fourth will need the Gem Collector Accessory. This character 
will need very strong physical defense by upgrading armor and the 
unyielding shield. The goal is to have all four characters use Finder and 
Keeper before they are KO'd, then have everyone use Kamikaze to end the 
battle and go again. The Ogre Bear will consistently attack the same 
character first, so make sure that character is one with an Energy Screen, 
and give them the Shield of Light to prevent the instant KOs. The Ogre 
Bear is in the Animal Caves, so save in Guera and turn all characters into 
animals and enter the cave from the west. Escape from all battles on the 

For the overnight gem farming, you can use the same set up as above, but 
equip exactly two Storytellers with Hermes Sandals. Have these characters 
Auto-battle set to use Finder, and the other two set to use Escape. Travel 
To Invidia, and go outside into the Ice Caves. This place is important 
because the Behugemore enemies have Amethysts. 

Use both methods to minimize the time it takes to complete this 

Mastering All Crowns [4H04CR]

Use the Gem farming method above to max out your gems. Leave your game 
auto farming in the same Ice Cave location, then to the left of Horne. Max 
diamonds from Ogre Bear, and repeat as many times as necessary to master 
your crowns.

Upgrade an item to level 99 [4H04UP]

Farm gems, upgrade any item that can be upgraded, repeat. After +9, you 
will need to give the upgrade shop an Orihalcon to upgrade 10 more levels. 
You'll need 10 Orihalcons total to upgrade to 99, and keep one for your 
item list. Upgrades will cost one more gem per 10 levels, and will 
eventually include all gem types.

Complete one bonus tower [4H04CO]

You'll need to do this many times over for the other achievements, so you 
do not have to worry about this one.

Speak to every animal [4H04AN]

For this achievement, you must speak to every animal in the seven towns in 
animal form. The adventurer's fox counts, but you only need to speak to it 
in one location. As far as I am aware Torte, other temporary characters, 
Arbaroc, and the parrot in Brandt's house do not count. This achievement 
can not be completed until the curse is lifted in Horne. If you are 
starting this task before darkness falls, the list below only applies to 
the daytime.

*Please note one animal is missable! Talk to the cat in Rekoteh's room 
when you first arrive in Invidia. It will disappear after darkness falls.


Sheep 1 - Near windmill
Sheep 2 - Near windmill
Dog - Near item shop


Cat 1 - By the well
Cat 2 - Up on the wall on the west side of town
Pig 1 - Northwest of item shop
Pig 2 - Left of the magic shop with three doors
Cat 3 - In Magic Key house
Cat 4 - In Magic Key house
Seagull - In Magic Key house
Pig 3 - In Magic Key house


Seagull 1 - Just to the right of the Liberte port (southern section) 	
Seagull 2 - By boat on the north side of the port
Seagull 3 - To the right of the Liberte town (northern section) 		       
Seagull 4 - By lighthouse
Cat 1 - Near coral looking house
Cat 2 - Empty house east of the inn

Dog 1 - To the left of the entrance
Dog 2 - Alley near the Apothecary
Dog 3 - In the home south of the Accessory shop
Dog 4 - Between homes south of the Accessory shop

Raccoon 1 - Tree base near Adventurer
Raccoon 2 - Near item shop
Raccoon 3 - Near wireless shop
Raccoon 4 - Great tree sapling area east of Queen's room


Polar Bear 1 - Center courtyard
Polar Bear 2 - In front of math game
*Missable* Cat - In Rekoteh's room before darkness falls


Goat 1 - On a platform south-west of the gravestone
Goat 2 - Horizontal hallway outside throne room
Goat 3 - Horizontal hallway outside throne room
Goat 4 - Stairs leading to throne room

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completing this game.

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