Question from archangelcrew

How do actually you form a party with the girls?

The official site of marvelous said that there's a way to take one of the girls out into dungeon where she'd help you out in the fight (including boss fight if i'm not mistaken). By the way, had anyone already do this? and how did you that?

archangelcrew provided additional details:

Still unable to take one of them out, perhaps their LP is just too low. need to take more time to prove the answer, but anyway thanks

Accepted Answer

lyner92 answered:

Well, after 3 friend or love points, i touch the icon writing L-R and after u finish talking with him/her, they will follow you. If you fight monsters, they will fight with you (some cannot).
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IAmVoid answered:

While talking to them, press L + R button. The more hearts, the higher the chance on recruiting them.
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