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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I forge?

How do I forge items in Rune Factory 3?

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From: ConanEX 4 years ago

You cannot build a forge until you clear the first dungeon and talk with the horned people in the second dungeon. After introductions and actually talking to everyone in the desert village, a second floor will be added to your home the moment you get back. It is only then that the option of adding a forge becomes available when you talk to Gaji/Toona (whoever's at the counter) in the blacksmith. It's 3000 gold and 50 wood for accessory/armor making, and 5000 gold and 100 wood for weapons/tools making.

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You buy the counter first at the weapon shop I think?
Gather all your materials and stuff.
Approach the counter. The first option should be Forge. The second should be Equipment Upgrade - top box for material, middle box for equipment.

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