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How do I get past the 1st dungeon?

I can't do it. the statues(stone) I mean

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Sell what?

FangsSam provided additional details:

sell what?
Then how do I move the stone statues?

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How do I get the item and who do I sell it to?

FangsSam provided additional details:

How should the four statues be facing? How long to make the bridge?

Accepted Answer

soonah123 answered:

Step1. Activate Shia's quest (go press A on the board next to her house)
Step2.Talk to every character in town THEN put an item in the shipping box.
Step3. Talk to her again to complete it
Step4. go to the first dungeon and a cutscene appears
Step5. Turn the statues facing the lake
Step6. Go in from the top not the bottom
Step7. Talk to Dahlia (one wif the hammer) to make a bridge
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Tony002 answered:

First you need to complete the Shia's quest (the girl with the flower dress - I think you need to sell something for her and you win some seeds). After you go to the forest and flip the two statues (isn't the bears statue) to the river's side, and the gate will open. After you talk with Dalia ( that elf girl that live in the forest) and she will build a bridge to you (now you can pass cause before the way was blocked). So you enter and then kill the boss.
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