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Where can I find a crystal pendant to gve for Raven?

I want to marry raven, and her favorite gift is a crystal pendant.
where i can find?!?!
any clue?

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lildevilkinz13 answered:

Just to let you know, it isn't a crystal pendant, it's crystals (small, dark, light, etc.) or a pendant. But, you should also know that it is a lot easier to give her tons of Toyherbs or Moondrops. That's what I did and my first year isn't over and I already have her to 10 LP.
But, if you still want to know where to get a pendant, I received them as gifts through quests. As for crystals, sometimes when you destroy a monster generator you can get one. Or when you destroy a slime in the summer dungeon, they may drop small crystals.
Hope this helped.(:
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Inuyasha889 answered:

Pendants are not that hard to make, either, as they simply require 20 Skill in accessory making, a silver and one iron.
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aztechrome answered:

Actually it is a Crystal pendant that is her favorite.
A crystal pendant is made from a silver pendant and some combination of the elemental crystals you find in the dungeons in the game. (Mostly from monster spawning portals).

Here's a short list of crystal pendants you can make and their recipes. They all require a silver pendant to be made first. I stole these recipes from a thread in the forum. They are not currently listed in the accessories section of the FAQ. (ver. 0.23)

Silver Pendant - lvl 20 - Iron/Silver

Earth Pendant - lvl 19 - Silver Pendant/ Earth Crystal/ Earth Crystal

Field Pendant - lvl 35 - Silver Pendant/ Wind Crystal/ Wind Crystal

Heart Pendant - lvl 40 - Silver Pendant/ Heart Crystal

Star Pendant - lvl 40 - Silver Pendant/ Light Crystal/ Dark Crystal

Sun Pendant - lvl 45 - Silver Pendant/ Fire Crystal/ Fire Crystal

Raven will love any of these crystal pendants.
Good luck.
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Heart pendant huh actually raven the one who will give you the pendant
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About the aztechorme recipe list the heart crystal can be found at the priviera forest at most lowest way(there are three way up mid bottom what i mean is bottom) there should be a pinky portal they sometime give me the heart crystal)
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gkeo answered:

You can buy one from her at the flea market, buy one from gaius (random days), or make one yourself.
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gkeo answered:

She likes heart pendants but does not love them, I have tried it before.
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