Question from Inuyasha889

Asked: 4 years ago

What level must you be to tame a Claw Dragon?

Curently i'm level 55, but even with a Love Potion i can't tame them.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Got my dragon :D

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From: Rpgaddict_22 4 years ago

I got a level 71 claw dragon when I am level 60.. I only used gold(crafting material) for gift.... It's all about luck mister....

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Level don't matter objects is the key.

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Do you brush him to calm him and gived a gift

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It's mostly a matter of luck and giving them their own monster drop or gold.

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Claw dragons are around level 70 so that's the level you want to be before trying to tame them. Taming them at a lower level might be possible but the chances are low so to be on the safe side, get over lvl 70.
I got my claw dragon with a devil's blood so you could try that too

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I think u need to have bigger lvl than the claw dragon. and claw dragons fav thing is dragon claw. that should make it easier to catch it

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Umm i tame it when lvl 69 and just giving it healing herb at the growing place its love me O.o''.....

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