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Unity Festival????

So here I am at the unity festival trying to show the horn lady (her name escapes me right now) around the village and every time she introduces herself if I talk to them again(with her) they still act like they never met!!!! I have talked to everyone (I checked twice) and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Please help me!

BubbleStarr provided additional details:

Well when i did i was told i was supposed to get a new quest from the owl in monster village......?

BubbleStarr provided additional details:

And nothing changed

rikutetsu asked for clarification:

Quests from who?

all that happens after the festival is you get the recipe for the engagement ring

BubbleStarr provided additional details:

When do i get the recipe???

Accepted Answer

rikutetsu answered:

It is supposed to be like that.
Nothing really happens when you introduce her to everyone.
Just go to sleep
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