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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find meterials for the brooch?

I need help finding an Emerald and Platinum to let Gaius make the brooch. Please help. Info on which monsters drop these materials and/or where to find them will be very helpful.

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You mine for Platinum in Vale River. Slime (Sol Terrano) drops Emerald, and if you can't, mine from Oddward or complete Raven's sixth quest.

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Platinum can be found in the deep part of Vale River( Rare) or yu can just get in from requests. Emeralds are quite easy to find in Sol Terrano, the place where there's a cactus / bones. There are no emeralds in Oddward valley. Aquamarines are there

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Platinum can be mined in Vale river although it is very rare (it took me 3 days RF time to find at least one) and emeralds are dropped by the slimes in Sol Terrano Desert.

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You can find the Platinum by mining in the winter dungeon.
You can find Emerald by mining in the summer dungeon.

Note: the further you go into a dungeon the better the chances of finding something rare.

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