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How do I solve shara i lost an item ?

Where do i find this item?where is the location exactly?

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Laydown_TPADM answered:

You don't need to complete that quest for the story, just ignore it. I never found it anyways, it's just a simple request. If you want to marry her, you don't need to complete that quest.
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xChr0n0x answered:

What is the item??? she usually ask for gardening material like greenifier
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Factory_of_Rune answered:

You don't need to complete these types of requests, like Laydown said.
These types of requests are always in a random location each time, so you can save after taking it, look around for it and after you find it just reload and go directly to that place (to save time.)
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Ikuto_kun answered:

Well, I found it in Oddward: Windy Wetlands
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wind1324 answered:

Well depending on the item she's asking for like greenifier you have to go in the dugeon where she said she left it and search for it there are spots that have items in them i found my greenifier near the rocks in oddward cave.
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hogygege answered:

just buy it at The Witch's Cauldron / Marjorie home
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blackmailer26 answered:

Depends on where she said she dropped it. Look around the borders of each screen of the 'dungeon' for a "Check" arrow to appear and then search.
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