How can i level up item crafting easily?

Guys how to level up easily in item crafting without making something that very wasting my item?

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FehnrirX answered:

Try to upgrade with heart pendant is equip.
the recipe is silver pendant and heart stone ( lv.40 )
If too hard, do raven quest. You'll receive it.
Use Ice cream to recover.
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Darkloider answered:

the easiest way is to craft something and fail. you don't lose materials from failing, in order to fail you need to craft a high level object (i think crafting something that doesn't exist works too) you level up from doing this but it takes RP
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blackmailer26 answered:

Best thing for me is to use Scrap Metal to upgrade any accessory. Gold has a difficulty of 52 while Scrap Metal has a difficulty of 62. This is better than making an item over and over again. This also works on Forging. This was the only way I could level-up my crafting and forging without losing anything important.

Just be careful on your RP meter.
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Holy-Bell answered:

I capture some monsters to help me on this... 4 wooly and 4 chickens...
Everyday they provide me a lot of cooking/eating experience and crafting experience (Not to miss out the money) as well on the wool. Eat pudding to regenerate your RP (You may pick ice cream that made with milk for RP regenation).
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