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Asked: 3 years ago

The path to the other side of the island at privera:the island?

How to go to the other side of the island at privera:the island?

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From: animelover1995 3 years ago

The middle island has some boss monsters from previous RF games so i recommend you don't go there unless you're on a high enough lvl. You can buy the Lily Pad M.S seed from Shara/Wells and it allows you to travel across the water.

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Buy a water plant in the flower shop

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Buy a Lily Pad M.S. Magic Seed in the flower shop.

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Buy a Water Shoes from Gaius or Raven.

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I'd reccomend using a Lily Pad magig seed instead, cuz it moves a 'lil faster than the Water Shoes do. Also, if you have Rocket boots, you'll move a lot faster with a Lily Pad.

You might wanna stay away from the middle's quite dangerous for low levels.

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