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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find silver ?

I don't know where i can get it ?

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Have you tried mining in different dungeon? From Privera until Vale?

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Try using a hammer and knock on those blue-ish rocks with spots in Oddward, you should be able to get them. either that, or just keep leveling ur mining level.

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You can read the wooden at the beginning of the dungeon you tell you all the mining and monster information.

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Silver can be found easily at vale, just save before entering and s,mash the rocks if you dont get silver from them then just reload and try again.

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Silver can be found easily at vale river.Try it!

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You can find silver by mining in the fall and winter dungeons. I think you can find it in the summer dungeon, but it's extremely rare there.

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I found many silvers at Oddward Valley

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