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Asked: 4 years ago

Are There Any Action Replay Codes For Inazuma Eleven 2: - Blizzard/Fire Versions?

Are There Any Action Replay Codes?
please tell me if you know.

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Yes there is but i found some in a cheat database here:

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Maikom33, dont spam this useless website.
There is 0 article/code AR in EUR NDS.

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memo7878: The link you provided is very old and is still has the year 2011 instead of 2012.

Here's the new one:

Click on the red link (upper right) and they have the newest update 20.03.2012. Scroll down and click in one of the blue links.

They have the codes for Blizzard and Firestorm.

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Yes there are but I highly recommend that you don't use them , they pretty much spoil the whole game.

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