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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get Hide Nakata???

am 60 + and he doesnt show up

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From: Wata_kun 3 years ago

To recruit Hide Nakata you need level master (60+) and 80 players in your team.
1) Talk to a boy near the market in Nara (where you can buy milk, onigiri ecc.)
2) Go to the city in Hokkaido and talk to the guy in the bottom-right corner of the first screen.
3) Go to Tokyo station, Nakata is in front of the station door. If he isn't there exit and re-enter until you find him. Then talk to him.
4) Go to the market in Kyoto. On the bottom-left corner of the shop there's a guy, talk to him.
5) Go to Osaka city, talk to the boy in front of the truck on the left. If he isn't there exit and re-enter until he appears. Talk to him.
6) Come back to Tokyo station. Where you found Nakata, now there's a girl. Talk to her.
7) Last step. Go to the Tokyo tower, you find Nakata near the training point. If he isn't there exit and re-enter (I had to do it a lot of times. Almost 100). Talk to him, if your level is master and you have 80 players in your team, he'll challange you. Otherwise he'll leave and you will exit and re-enter other 100 times from the screen. Beat his team and you can recruit him.

Warning: the challange is hard. The hardest of the game. You have to score 3 goals more than your opponents (their level is 80+, I guess). Blocking Nakata's shots is impossible if your keeper's level is around 60.

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Nakata? isnt it the captain of orpheus?

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Uhhm what do you mean 80 players in your team? u need 80 players or guys who are 80+ lvl

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You need to have 80+ characters, the level only matters for those in the main team so that you have the master level

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How can i make the boy appear in nara market cuz he does not appear
while my team lvl is master and got more than 80 friends Please tell me ???

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At what level does nakata get's neo galaxy

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I already have 100 players and MASTER level in another save of mine, but he still doesn't challenge me. Mark says that he's simply too fast.

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