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What is the best strategy for (best players)?

how can i improve this team (i am working my way though the con map)
GK darren Lv.46 + dual smash
DF bobby Lv.46 + defence plus
DF hurley Lv.52
wing DF (cause long shot) Dvalin Lv.27 + study, blade attack
wing DF (cause long shot) caleb Lv.51 + flame dance, bubble gum
Defence MF erik Lv.50 + offence plus
Attacking MF Byron Lv.47 + shadow stitch
attacking MF jude Lv.50 + cross drive, cyclone
ST erin Lv.52 + comet shot, inazuma-1
wing ST axel Lv.51 + flame dance
wing ST shawn Lv.52
syon Lv.41
posiedon Lv.24 (i'm leveling him up)
samford Lv.44 + dragon crash, big fan
mark Lv.48
climbstein Lv.52 + double touch, tornado catch
PS i like nev erin

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This is my team: Maybey you find some players that are usfull

Formation : F-deadth zone

GK: Darren La Chance lv:86 + Beast fang, Clone Defence
DF: Hurley Kane lv 85 + wirlwind twister , Back tornado
DF: Mark Hillvalley lv 76 + double touch , economy
DF: Allen Sumner lv 75 + death zone
DF: Paul Siddon (Poseidon) lv 82 + the wall , Dark wirhwilnd
DF: Bobby shearer lv 87 +Wirlwind Cur , Securety shot
MF: Byron Love (Aphrodite) lv 87 + shooting star , study
MF: Hidetoshi Nakata lv 73 + Dual storm , The Galaxy
MF: David Samford lv 86 + Heavens time , Dual Storm
FW: Shawn Froste LV 83 + Fire Tornade , Double Tornado
FW: Bryce Whitingale (Gazelle) lv 77

My bench players are the players that are in training:

DF: Malcom Night lv 65 + Triple Dash
DF: Arkew lv 37
MF : Erik Eagle lv 80 + Gyro Head , Heavens time
FW : Axel Blaze lv 82 + Clone Defence , Inazuma 1
Fw : Xavier Foster ( Xene) lv 54

This Are some other good Players:
Joseph King from royal academy
Tigh Gerwhite ( Tiger) conaction map
Tom Skipper conection map
Finn Geld ( Gold) conection map
Hermon Waldon From Royal Academy
Shadow Cimmerian
Ken Ironwall . He's from the secret service use him as a defender
Conn Fuches + Clone Block conection map

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