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How do I solve computer security puzzle in first level?

How do you do the 3 digit security puzzle in the first level.
The green lites, yellow lites, order nothing I try seem s to work

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GalamineGary answered:

Just put "123" 456" 789" then if those don't work change up the numbers and see how that works.
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GalamineGary answered:

^This goes for all of the hacking levels
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VINCE200023 answered:

It changes every time u fail.
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MercedezAbarca answered:

Try 512
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DS_ROCKER answered:

There is no correct answer every time. It will change; one time it might be 274, then the next it will be 850 (for example). Just keep putting in different numbers. For each yellow light, it means one of the numbers is correct, but in the wrong position. For each green light, it means one of the numbers is correct and in the right position. The position of the lights do not correspond to the position of the number (i.e. if the yellow light is on the left, it doesn't mean that number is on the left. if the green light is on the left, it doesn't mean that number is on the left, etc.)

Once there are 3 guesses, the timer will go off and you will have a limited time to get the right hacking code. Once there are 3 green lights on, you have got the right number and it will say:

- - SUCCESS - -

If you fail it will say:

- - FAILED --

Oh and by the way, good luck on the campaign! It gets really challenging, fun and interesting near the end!
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LuckySeven815 answered:

Listen to what GalamineGary said at the top doing that will tell u ur 3 numbers then u just switch them around til u get it right i just did this in less then 30 seconds bc i did what h said now my 5 yr old can move on in the game i sighed up for this just to let you know this n to say Ty bc my husband n son have been trying for 1 day now
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