Question from crosby90210c

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past winter assault?

i got the game call of duty mobilized this is my FIRST call of duty game i played im stuck on winter assault at the first part theres this HUGE pipe i dont know how to duck or get past it i just see this guy and shoot him theres others far away i cant shoot them so i throw bombs but i always miss what do i do? ~crosby90210c~

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You double tap down on the d-pad to crouch and walk under the pipe.

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But m8 where is the d pad on the ds

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The the Direction Pad. You know, the cross-shaped one on the left of the touch screen. Press down on it two times in rapid succession to crouch, which improves your accuracy to some degree, but slows you down. (And also lets you get under some objects.)

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