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What are the heart events for reina?

I just want to known what are the heart events and times for reina?

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dan_takashi answered:

Yes... there is heart event in the game. Or... it's not called heart event again. Colored flowers event, maybe? Oh, whatever.

See the flowers on the side of the conversation box when you talk to the villagers or marriage candidate? The bigger the flower, the more they like you. When they fully blossom, that means you have achieved the max relationship.

So, for Reina's heart events... You can check the

These are what I get from
Purple Flower Event

Time: Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Goddess Pond
Friendships: Reina at a Purple Flower color or higher

At the pond, Reina mentions that the plants around the pond use to be really small until recently. She wonders what could of caused the plants' growth and then starts investigating. She becomes so focused on checking out the plants that she loses track of time!

Reina apologizes; when she starts researching plants, she gets lost in her own world.

Option 1: It is okay (+3000 FP)

She's glad that you are okay with it. Reina's glad that you kept her company today, as she did find something with the plants.
Option 2: I didn't have fun (-3000 FP)

Well that wasn't nice! If you found it boring, it would of been good for you to leave earlier. Reina becomes annoyed with you and heads home.

Blue Flower Event

Time: Saturday or Sunday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Goddess Pond
Friendships: Reina at a Blue Flower or higher

Reina is checking the plants around the pond again. Remember how you came here the other day to research the plants? Reina has been coming back to check on things but the plants have not looked well. Reina wants to return home with some samples, since that is where her tools are. Perhaps then she can understand the reason.

Back in her laboratory, Reina discovers that her sample plant's roots are unhealthy. If she puts it in better soil, the plant will immediately get better. You notice that she has a lot of unusual tools, and she explains that they are necessary for her plant research.

Option 1: Plants are interesting! (+3000 FP)

There are a variety of types and qualities for plants, which makes it very interesting. There will never be a end to it. Some plants she has only been able to see in books. If she keeps looking she's sure to find a plant that isn't documented in a book. It is her dream to see all of the world's plants. She loves to talk about them. Maybe one day the two of you can go looking at plants together.
Option 2: Plants can heal! (+1000 FP)

It is certain that people will seek the healing properties of plants, but some plants eat bugs in order to protect themselves. There are even poisonous ones! Reina warns you to be careful. Reina has more work to do so she bids you farewell.
(Note: Both answers in this event give you positive friendship points.)

Green Flower Event

Time: Monday or Saturday, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Rest Spot
Friendships: Reina at a Green Flower or higher

Option 1: That's wonderful (+3000 FP)
Option 2: That's strange... (-3000 FP)

Yellow Flower Event

Time: Sunday, Monday, or Saturday, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Under the Tree
Friendships: Reina at a Yellow Flower or higher

Option 1: A level-headed girl! (-2000 FP)
Option 2: A cute girl! (+3000 FP)
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Dinotrux answered:

Heart events do not occur in Tale of Two Towns.
You ask them out on dates after they like you enough.
And if you choose the right place to go a Flower Event may occur, they are the equivalent to Heart Events
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