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Where can I find Icefish and Shishamo?

They are fish needed for two quests but I haven't found any with hand fishing. Do they require the fishing rod or do they only become available at certain times? I have found small shishamo hand fishing, but the quest requires a normal one.

haangel03 asked for clarification:

Where/when can i catch a funa without a fishing rod?

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Shiya64 answered:

Shishamo can be found in the large body of water (south of the waterfall) at mid-mountain on the konohana side with a fishing rod. I caught one in the middle of the day (around 2-3 PM) and it was sunny. I've also found them on the bluebell side.

as for the icefish, they can be found via bare hand fishing at the pond on the bluebell side (along with small icefish) during summer. They seem rather rare since it took me quite a while to find my first one.

Hope this helps!
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Seirafox answered:

Here's a short version of that Shiya64 said

Icefish are in the summer -catch with barehand
Shishamo is near a waterfall from 2-3pm -catch with fishing rod
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Lirishae answered:

haangel03, you can't catch funa with your bare hands. You'll need to wait until Summer 1 to get the Fishing Rod from either Rutger or Ina.
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