Question from haangel03

How to get golden eggs/milk?

How do you make your animals produce golden eggs and milk? I'm at full hearts with my cow and it's just full star quality. I occasionally get golden eggs for my six heart chicken that I won the chicken festival with. Is this a factor?

Rakapict asked for clarification:

By the way, what year are you in?

Harvestmoonkat1 asked for clarification:

Why is it that the animal has to win 1st place in its contest before sometimes producing golden products. It should be all hearts, has 30 % chance of gold products instead of normal products. Or great products for sheep.


Mothership1953 answered:

Yes, your animal must win it's festival before it will rarely have a chance of producing golden products.
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haangel03 answered:

How often is it supposed to lay golden eggs after winning the festival?
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Rakapict answered:

As far as I know, Jersey Cows prouduce Golden Milk more often than Cows,
(My Sheep Festival-wining sheep -not sufflolk- prouduced only one Great Wool -that was used for the final clothing request from The Orcale) but the Cow still has to win the Cow Festival. Silkie Chickens should prouduce Golden Eggs more often than Normal Chickens.I haven't bothered to test this yet but my animals have prouduced 1 or more of each(none are alive/unsold-Silkie Chicken died before prouducing two Golden Eggs)
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sunshine506 answered:

Animals need to win a festival in first place to get golden stuff. Despite what Rakapict says, golden products (and great wool) have an EQUAL CHANCE to be produced by a normal animal or an "enhanced animal" (aka: jersey cow, silkie chicken, and/or suffolk sheep). THERE IS A 30% CHANCE OF ANY ANIMAL WHO HAS WON 1ST PLACE IN A CONTEST TO PRODUCE A GOLDEN PRODUCT OR A GREAT WOOL IN THE CASE OF SHEEP!


Yes, a festival-winning animal is eligible for golden products. If it wins a festival, it CAN produce these products, if it hasn't, then it won't. Hearts don't matter in this. Hearts are product QUALITY, not what TYPE of product.


Hope it helped. Good luck with those golden products!

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