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How and where is the mining takes place?

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Mothership1953 answered:

There is no real "mining" in this game. Ore stones and various ores can be found by foraging in the mountain areas and occassionally lying inside the tunnel.

There is a Mine that can be built after you fulfill the requirements for it but, even then, ore stones and ores are found by foraging and not by actual mining with a hammer.


The requirements for the Mine are: 1) Get one farm to 100% completion 2) Continue to live there 3) Have Eileen build the Hot Springs for a whopping 2 million g. 4) Have the Mine, part one built. This one has no foraging areas, but rarely will have ores and ore stones lying on the ground. 5) Have the second, and final, part of the Mine built. This one has four foraging spots.
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