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What items can you get when there is a typhoon?(I do not have the master fishing rod)

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From: o90x56 3 years ago

You can still hand fish on shallow waters, and from what I've seen at fogu..
apparently, Snapping Turtles and Bottled messages can only be acquired during typhoons.

As for rod fishing... I don't have any idea. lol

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I don't think you can't catch any fish during a typhoon.

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You can fish with your fishing rod durring a typhoon. It's the only way to get the Dogfish Shark, the Ocean Sunfish, and a couple other ones I can't remember right now (sorry).

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During a typhoon, you can catch things with your hands (including a letter in a bottle, snapping turtles, and even crabs are easier to find), you can go forging (mushrooms are easier to find during a storm), and do various other things. Just explore!


Often times a request will be posted on a typhoon day, and it's a great day for planting seeds, too (If you don't like the mountain that much). It's also a wonderful time to find wonderfuls while hand fishing. And if you fall into the river, you can grab things with a little better luck.


Either way, typhoon days let you kick back and relax and have a heck of a mountain day, or planting day, or wonderful collecting day! Have fun and Enjoy your "day off".


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