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Asked: 3 years ago

When do i get the fishing rod and how!!?

I need to know how to get the fishing rod!! I really need it to be able to fish to make more money!! Thanks

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Your town's mayor will give it to you on the first day of Summer.

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Yup, 1st day of Summer the mayor will show up in your house, and telling you Summer means FISHING TIME!

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You can get the Superb fishing rod from 10 boots and odd balls

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^ To add, its in winter

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It's not necessarily need to be in winter, as long as Rutger's affection is almost 3 flowers (don't know the exact point), you'll get it on the 1st day of any season. I got mine on Fall.

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The mayor will give the basic rod in summer. Then in winter he will give it as a reward of a quest, AND NO IT DOESN'T HAS TO BE 3 FLOWER!!! I DID THE QUEST WITH MAYOR'S AFFECTION IS 1 FLOWER!!!So save up the boots and old balls from now

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You will get a fishing rod at the 1th summer, from your mayor

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If you live in konohana, you receive it in 1st in summer of your first year from your mayor, Ina. I don't know in bluebell, is the rotten man will give you this?

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You get the fishing rod on the first of summer, and according to fogu*com you get the better fishing rod quest when Rutger's affection is 7750 FP (Please keep in mind that 2 flowers = 10000 FP) Any time of the year and it takes 10 Old boots and 10 Old Balls.

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And if anybody is wondering how to fish in the winter: where you normally could fish, (next to the fishing docks) it will be all iced over. Simply hit the area next to the dock with a hammer, and the ice will break and you can fish! Be careful when you do this as you could break the ice when on it and fall into the water. As for hand fishing, it's impossible in the winter.

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