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Asked: 4 years ago

What is the best strategy for beating the last turf battle?

I really need a deck for this cause I'm totally stuck.

Additional details - 4 years ago

It's the double duel

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Is this the double duel or the guy with the Six Samurai Deck?

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I used what i could muster into a spellcaster deck and basically tried to make sure he couldn't even get that first six samurai out with compulsory evac etc.

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There really isn't a particular deck to fight him with. I followed my usual strategy for all Six Samurai Decks and got my opponent to attack my monsters and then I'd increase their attack so the attacker would get destroyed. I also use a lot of spell and trap cards to destroy them before he can get more than one on the field.

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You have to gain hand advantage, which will yield field advantage soon enough, and then the win.

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Buy one of better Structure Decks - the Spell Counter, Gemini or Machina Decks are some of the better options - then use passwords to get multiples of the best cards.

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Make sure u have cards like botomless traphole and darkbribe and miror foce so wen u vs gushizawa or any 1 u can take em down + u could use a pierceing deck like saber beetlr strong wind dragon
hope this helps

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The only chalenge is the boss isay ever use a fury from the deep improvement or a life point + deck cause of the 4000 point special rule.

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The fury from the deep deck also works on the tag teams.

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