Question from Codebreaker1234

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get the one forbidden card list(i have 96.8% of cards)?

Ok, i have 3430 cards (96.8%), beat story mode, have 30 tag cpu and 65 single cpu, all packs but world cham 9&10, downloded all other lists from wifi and when i go to forbidden/limited card list and then change forbidden/limited card list there is one that said "treat limited as forbidden and that one dosent open only forbben it takes away all that u cant have 3 of. So how do i get the forbidden card list that lets you have 1 forbidden card?

Accepted Answer

From: Dion_Marcell 4 years ago

The "Up to 1 Forb Card" list should be in the Forbidden/Limited Card List after you have 90% or more card completion, try to check it again. If it still not there, try to delete some list that you rarely use and get a 100% card completion.
"Treat Ltd as Forb" list is mainly used for tournament purpose while the latter seems to be either "Special List" (also for tourney and casual duel) or "World Championship" list (used in WC2010 qualifier).

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