Additional Artwork/AnimationNathan Admas
Additional Artwork/AnimationRussell Andes
Additional Artwork/AnimationHeidi Costello
Additional Artwork/AnimationFryan Fu
Additional Artwork/AnimationAlex Guillard
Additional Artwork/AnimationTodd Harry
Additional Artwork/AnimationBrandon Magga
Additional Artwork/AnimationCaleb Parrish
Additional Artwork/AnimationDavid Peixoto
Additional Artwork/AnimationChris Petherick
Additional Artwork/AnimationEric Spiker
Additional Artwork/AnimationKham Udom
Additional ProgrammingLuke Keyes
ArtNathan Lombardi
ArtMark Sheppard
Art LeadJames Lutz
Assistant ProducerMichael Byron
ComposerJacob Winkler
DesignDylan Kelly
Design LeadsKenneth Bowen
Design LeadsKelly Toyama
ProgrammingMichael Cheung
Programming LeadZan Arntson
Senior ProducerAlex Pantelias
Sound DesignChase Thompson
StoryKenneth Bowen
StoryChristos Gage
StoryLes Milton
WritingChristos Gage
WritingLes Milton


Data and credits for this game contributed by oliist, BGoldTLE, and KFHEWUI.