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How do I find and beat the Thunder Fire and Ice dragon?

I've found The ice and fire dragon but not the thunder dragon I also need help to beat them. Thanks in advance

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LeafytheAmazing answered:

Well, first you have to clear the ending. I did the True Ending, but I should think it'd work for all endings. The Thunder Dragon is in Waterfall Wood, I believe the 4th Floor. After you go through the Moon Door and explore a bit, you'll find a big empty room. In there after you've unlocked the dragons would be the Thunder Dragon.

On turns 1, 5, 10, 15, and etc., they'll use their element, so use Fire Prophecy/Antifire for Red, Ice Prophecy/Anticold for Blue, and Volt Prophecy/Antivolt for Yellow. They seem to have a resistance to their own types, so unless you want the special drops, use something else. As long as you keep your HP up, you should be fine.
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