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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat The Gunship?

So I'm it second world and my boss is gunship, I need to use force push to deflect rockets, but in second stage he fire 2 rockets and I can only use push once, also what is best tactic to dodge lasers, he shoot them after missiles but after using force I cannot mofe for a second so he always hit me.

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When he starts to fire 2 rockets, force push just before it hits you, so that it pushes both back(hard), or jump and force push (easier), or force push a second after it comes out, then run. (easy, but timing is meh.)
To dodge the lasers....Don't dodge them. Hide from them. In the stage, nearby where you start, there's a thing that bumps up. If you stand behind it, both rockets and lasers will be blocked.
Hope this helps!

(side note: when it's nearly dead, it starts shooting 3 rockets at once, making it harder to dodge...)

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