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Boss slates?

Can you get the slates of the temple bosses and take them back to the future, drapion, tyranatar, tangrowth, arceus, etc?

Codebreaker1234 provided additional details:

I dont mean the big stone behind it i mean the actual slate you get after you beat a mission that tells you the pokemon you can take with you into the temples or the pokemon celebi can bring you from the past.

blackenigmacat asked for clarification:

Be more specific... Do you mean bring a Pokemon to the present? Because if you do the Celebi Ranger Sign, you get the Pokemon that is currently your partner Pokemon in the past and bring it into the present if you have a space open for another Pokemon.

Accepted Answer

Doom_Gnome answered:

In arder to bring a boss pokemon to the present, what you have to do is complete the respective mission with an S rank. Anytime you complete a mission with an S rank, you have a 20%* chance to recieve the boss pokemon as a reward for completing the mission. Once you do this, you can select that pokemon as your partner, then once you return to the present, you can bring whichever pokemon you have as your partner in the past using the sign Celebi created after completing the first mission.

*The exception to this is the mission in the Light Temple. After recieving an S rank on this mission, you have 10% chance to recieve Arceus, and a 10% chance to recieve Mew.
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SmokeRulz answered:

From what i understand, if you beat the Pokemon in the past, their slate disappears in the future, allowing access to their little room. There's nothing you can just TAKE BACK to the future with you, so yeah.
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SmokeRulz answered:

Well like I said, from what I can tell, there's nothing in the past you can just take back to the future. I've already done some missions there and I didn't end up with anything new in the future.
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LeitorDS answered:

No, this is not possible, but January 2011 it will have in Ranger Net the Arceus Mission so you can register it in the browser.
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RizuRukia answered:

You can take the boss Pokemon to the present if you have one of them as your current partner in the past.(Use Celebi's sign)
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Lyserg_Diethel answered:

If you get the pokemon's slate, you can take it to the future using Celebi's sign. It is temporary, though, and you can only have one.
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Chimcharfan17 answered:

It is possible. You have 10% of getting a Boss Pokemon's slate after you beat it and when you get the pokemon you want take it along and then go to the future. When you are in the future use celebi's sign to call that specific pokemon
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kkt_prime answered:

if you S rank a mission in the past , you get a 10% chance of getting the boss's slate. the other 90% goes to recieving another pokemon in each respective mission (eg. A Pokemon Forest in the Way S rank- 10% Tangrowth (Boss) 90% Ivysaur) Basically this game is more on luck, some boss slates took me only one S rank to obtain (eg. Dusknoir) while others took my around 50 S ranks to get! (Feraligatr)
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kkt_prime answered:

By the way, Doom_Gnome, just a correction, each temple has a 10% chance of recieving the boss slate when S ranked, including arceus mission.
For the Arceus Mission, there is a 10% chance of getting arceus's slate (boss slate), a mere 2% of getting mew's slate (hardly impossible to get) and the rest of 88% goes to recieving a Blastoise slate.

PS good luck for Arceus, I've S ranked him a couple of times with a friend but i only recieve blastoise :(
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LegendOfUnova answered:

10% of the time,if you finish the mission in S rank you can get the bosses slate.They're actually stronger than your ordinary run of the mill pokemon.They're easier to level up too,so keep on trying.To me,Drapion is the easiest one to get,I got him on my first try!Good luck if you're solo! :)
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