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Asked: 4 years ago

When Does I Have to Battle Masquerade and Unlock Infinity Drago?

I Have Beaten the Area 25 of the Dark Star Ship,recovered 29 Bakugan,when Does I Have to Battle Masquerade and Unlock Infinity Drago,I Need Help Here

Additional details - 4 years ago

Anyone who was Really Unlocked Infinity Dragon and Battled Masquerade can Help Me

Accepted Answer

From: Alpha_Hydranoid 4 years ago

Well to get infinity drago u need to get 1 bakugan to have these things
1.Against Ventus 800G

2.Against Haos 800G

3.Against Subterra 800G

4.Against Aquos 800G

5.Against Darkus 800G
then u will be able to get him

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you saw my question and both of us think that we have battle Masquerade in order to unlock Infinity drago but problem is we need a place called the dark realm in order to battle him check the other answers

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just get em All up 2 max g power at lvl 12

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