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How do I scout the Sagittar?

How do I scout the Sagittar I have beaten the game, and have gone back but he's not there. Also why did the ghosts look like the passengers I never understood that.

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Okay, so what monsters do I need to make the sagittar . Thanks for the explanation on the ghosts makes sense.

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catmann84 answered:

I'm not sure if Sagittar can be scouted even tho I've beaten the game as well. I think the only way to get it is to synth it. As to the ghosts, my guess is that they took those forms because they thought the main char wouldn't be scared seeing them. (as weird as it was...) Plus no other humans had been on the island in a long time. Hope this helps somewhat.
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darkshadowspawn answered:

You need to synth four monsters together...Trauminator, Overkilling Machine, Killing Machine, and Trap-Box. First, pair two of them together; then pair the other two together...but make sure that the resulting monsters are of compatible charges. Then synth the resulting monsters together and Sagittar will be an option.
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