Question from Awesomeness13

Asked: 3 years ago

Should I make a doulmagus with my alabast dragon and estark?

My alabast dragon is level 100,1280 hp, 680 mp, 1055 attack, 1000 defense, 830 agility, and 880 wisdom. My estark is level 43, 771 hp, 216 mp, 338 attack, 347 defense, 217 agility, and 185 wisdom. Please I don't want to lose my alabast dragon but I want to know if doulmagus is worth it please help me!!!

Accepted Answer

From: SnoozerBear 3 years ago

You could make another Alabast Dragon just for the synthesis, and keep your existing one. Several monsters require Dhoulmagus, such as Rhapthorne and Leopold. Ace of Spades requires a Leopold, and Rhapthorne 2 requires a Rhapthorne. Rhapthorne 2 is needed for Dr. Snapped, Aquarion and Dragovian Lord. Dragovian Lord is needed for Greygnarl and Great Godbird. Great Godbird is needed for Wildcard and then Wildcard is needed for Leonyx. This goes on forever. In short, an insane amount of monsters require a Dhoulmagus somewhere along the way, even Rigor Mortex himself... I say if you really want to keep your Alabast Dragon, just make another one.

Pick Alabast Dragon from the drop down list and then search for the synthesis recipe, as I'm tired from trying to figure out everything that needs Dhoulmagus... x_x

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